Check out the latest Pixelated Audio, Episode #22 - Expansion Pack V

Bryan is in Japan so we’re bringing another Expansion Pack to the masses this week. Loads of fun VGM from all over the place. Any of these games on your “Hey, I remember that” list? Let us know!


0:00:01 Monster in My Pocket (NES) “Oriental Illusion” Hiroshi Takeyasu, Kozo Nakamura
0:06:15 Formation Z (Fami) “Title Theme” Unknown
0:10:17 Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure (TG16) “Boss 2″ Taro Hara, Kunio Komatsu
0:16:36 Warlocked (GBC) “BGM #9″ Jeroen Tel
0:25:44 Bomberman (TG16) “BGM #5″ Jun Chikuma
0:36:13 Darkwing Duck (NES) “Wolfduck Stage” Yasuaki Fujita