Week in Video Game Inspired Music 1/25 – 1/31

Another productive week comes to an end. Not to mention a ton of great albums discussed this week like The Smash Brothers and little-scale (who also happened to win artist of the year over at TCTD). Up above we have some amazing piece 'Super Smash Bros Brawl' by speedking, who you may remember as the artist for Temp Sound Solutions' Now Your Playing With Powar 7. So be sure to check out some more of his great VG inspired work as well! Now the news!



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VIDEO This weeks video is courtesy of iPhone developer Tag Games who recently announced their newest app, B-Boy Beats. This game will feature a list of nerdcore artists the likes of MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, Id Obelus, Ultraklystron, Rai and Magitek. You can read a preview of the game via iPhone Reviews and it seems the game will be released sometime in February. Check out the trailer below featuring one of my favorite songs by the experimental nerdcore hip hop groups Magitek.

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