Watch genoboost reconnect his PlayStation 2

Room for one more. 

I go on a surprisingly lengthy journey to reincorporate my PS2 into my game room set up. Witness the back of my TV, as well as random cut points as i accidentally drop my phone and knock things over. The PS2 will be reconnected!

BGM for this YouTube is by awesome beatmaker Rukunetsu.

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Support: Kickstarter fundraiser for Shinshu In Bloom: An Okami Remix Album

On the official Kickstarter page, Citron says, "It's awe-inspiring how well done and immersive [the Okami soundtrack] is. I want to, potentially, bring this amazing soundtrack to someone who wouldn't have heard it otherwise."San Francisco based musician Zachary Citron, AKA Zencha, is looking for supporters to help fund production of a fan made, jazz-hop remix album of music from the game Okami. Shinshu In Bloom, Zencha says, will be 14 tracks from the Capcom game Okami, rearranged in the style of "underground/Jazzy hip-hop."


Perks for donating to the project include pressed copies of the album, and higher donor tiers can look forward to limited edition artwork and posters.

As a fan of a variety of beautiful but incredibly niche games such as Okami, I have felt first hand the fervor and passion with which fans cling to such once in a lifetime experiences. Perhaps this is why less popular titles always seem to be a haven for the more experimental musicians out there. This fusion of jazz music and hip hop beats all in tribute to Okami may be a perfect complement to a game with a small but diverse crowd of fans.

The Shinshu In Bloom: An Okami Remix Album project will be funded if at least $1,500 is pledged by Sep 5. Enjoy two preview tracks from Shinshu In Bloom below.

ReZonance reviews music of Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus - ReZonance soundtrack review ReZonance looks back at Kow Otani's Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack. In his latest soundrack review, ReZonance discusses how the music impacts the gameplay, and the varied orchestral themes. Sit back and take in the sights, and especially the sounds of Playstation 2 classic Shadow of the Colossus.

I said I'd eventually get around to reviewing Shadow of the Colossus, and ReZonance Reviews Shadow of the Colossus for you today :D. Definitely one of my all time favorite games and the music is just as awesome. Plus, who doesn't love battling giant creatures. GIANT DIRT KAIJU BATTLE GOOOO!


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Starring/Written/Edited by Nate Moore

Intro song covered by Andrew Virgin.

ReZonence is where you go for video game soundtracks. I've always loved the music in video games, and reviewing them is my way to show my appreciation, and spread my love of gaming