JamSpace, OCReMix, concerts and more at Otakon in Baltimore, MD July 17th-19th

So Right after Nerdapalooza (Don't worry, I am working on that lengthy post) comes Otakon! and Dom (of MAGFest fame, and of course, brilliant musician, and host of Dom's Live Videogame Music Show) has informed me that Otakon (otakon.com) is the place to be for VGM lovers such as you and I.

For those in the Baltimore, Maryland area, you can look forward to the ever amazing JamSpace, which is an incredible all day room filled with instruments for any and all musicians to take a crack at. This once experiment of MAGFest is now a beloved tradition and host to some amazing moments in VG inspired music history. Amazing sets, insane collaborations, and hilarious jam sessions all take place in what is the ever incredible JamSpace.

On top of this there is also word that there will be an OCReMix discussion panel going on at 6 PM on the Saturday of the event. Should be filled with some amazing talent, and very interesting discussion about vgm and the ocremix community. And what about the concerts!? Oh man, are there some concerts! Friday night, starting at 5 PM, Otakon is host to the incredible Random AKA Mega Ran. Not to mention the ever hard rocking and experimental This Place is Haunted (who have some new songs from their upcoming album available to listen to by the way)! The insanity doesn't stop there though, as Baltimore locals Armadillo Tank and Dom's band Rare Candy storm the stage Saturday at 1:30 PM and 3 PM respectively.

If that isn't enough to satiate your thirst for awesome VGM shenanigans than you are simply impossible to please. Definitely check out the show, and say hi to Dom as well for organizing JamSpace and generally kicking ass!