The Nerdapalooza Live CD 2009 compilation release

It feels like Nerdapalooza has only just passed, as the memories are still fresh in my mind. Although, if you feel like if it has been far too long since hearing a huge list of tons of live nerd music, then you are in luck! Hex has announced that the Nerdapalooza Live CD 2009 is now available. The all live CD plays host to 19 tracks recorded over Nerdapalooza weekend in Florida on July 11-12th. The album is available in compact disc form for $10. That is practically 50 cents a song! Not only is that a reasonably low price, but all the money raised from the album, much like Nerdapalooza proper, is donated to the Child's Play Charity.

So you get 19 amazing tracks, and help hospitalized children for the holidays. What could be better than that? Oh yeah, if you head over to the proper post you can download 9 more tracks for free.

Read on to see the full track list of both the pressed CD as well as the free bonus download list. 1. Just a Game :: My Parents Favorite Music 2. Platform Wars (ft. the great Luke Ski & int eighty of Dual Core) :: Devo Spice 3. Yo Ho Ho :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew 4. Nerdy Girls :: Marc with a C 5. Geekquilibrium (ft. Scrub Club) :: Dr. Awkward 6. Sneaking :: Krondor Krew 7. Sungem :: 3P!C-1 8. Annihilation of Monsteropolis (Airman) :: The Megas 9. Meganerd :: YTCracker 10. Tongue-Clucking Grammarian :: MC Frontalot 11. Penis Monologues :: mCRT 12. Zombie Jesus (ft. Funky49) :: Emergency Pizza Party 13. Hostage Down :: Dual Core 14. The Bleep Out Song :: Fred Lives & the House of Black 15. Headshot (ft. Benjamin Bear) :: ZeaLouS1 16. Lobster Building :: Uncle Monsterface 17. Red Cyclone :: The Grammar Club 18. The Bender :: Schaffer the Darklord 19. Nerdcore Rising (ft. Beefy & MC Lars) :: MC Frontalot

Songs available for free download. 1. Nerd Party :: Scrub Club 2. FatFoot (ft. MC Wreckshin) :: HDNinja 3. Scoundrel :: The Spork 4. Hellen Keller in Space :: MC COOL WHIP 5. Magnificent 7 (ft. Remmington Forbes, Beefy, YTCracker, Schaffer the Darklord, MC Lars, & MC Frontalot) :: Dual Core 6. UUDDLRL :: MAJA 7. You Can Call Me Beef (ft. Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire) :: Beefy 8. Bruce Campbell (ft. YTCracker, Schaffer the Darklord, & ZeaLouS1) :: MC Lars (track available as an MP3 with purchase of album) 9. Publishing Rights (ft. Schaffer the Darklord) :: Shael Riley & the Double Ice Backfire 10. Triforce Mike Theme (Live from Nerdapalooza Southeast 2008) :: Uncle Monsterface

Nerdapalooza 2009 Official Trailer

I know I just posted about Nerdapalooza, but that was before this gem surfaced online. Check out the video below for the official trailer for Nerdapalooza 2009 in Orlando Florida, and for more details check out the official site or the Nerdapalooza blog!

This is also a good time to mention the big Nerdapalooza raffle. If you plan on attending Nerdapalooza 09 check out the raffle at Entering the raffle is $10 for the first ticket and $5 for each additional ticket and you can win albums from performing artists, art, computer parts and more!

My Parent's Favorite Music - Testing the Waters album release

Big news, HUGE NEWS, The highly anticipated new album Testing the Waters from My Parent's Favorite Music has finally been released. After the baffling ordeal that happened earlier this year, Steffo of MPFM returns from Japan and drops this amazing 9 song album for the masses. The album is available through the MPFM website for the price of $10, and for your troubles you also get an awesome sticker and button. Here is some more info straight from Steffo himself about the album.

The new album and 1st of set of 6, highly (not really highly) detailed pieces of a map. These will be the albums that I'll be working on until I croak. These won't be masterpieces, but they will be a good amount of my life summed up into these tiny little packages of paper and plastic. Every bit of this thing was put together by myself with the help of some of my online buddies.

Nerdapalooza 2009 Performance Schedule announced - Orlando Florida July 10-12, 2009

This is one huge Nerdapalooza update. First we will get the main facts out of the way. Nerdapalooza is a two day event (and a preshow the night before) in Orlando Florida dedicated to every type of nerdy and VG insired music under the sun. Check out for information about location, tickets, and everything else you need!

Here is the current schedule of performers and set times straight from the Nerdapalooza website.

Friday Pre-Party :: July 10, 2009

A Comic Shop :: 114 S Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL, 32792

Free Beer :: Free Pizza :: Free Performance


8:00 PM :: Jay Tholen
8:45 PM :: Confuscious
9:30 PM :: MC Gigahertz
10:15 PM :: Surprise Artist
11:00 PM :: Schaffer the Darklord - Headliner

Saturday, Day One:: July 11, 2009

Holiday Inn Express Convention Center :: 6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819


12:00 PM :: Opening Ceremonies
12:15 PM :: Odd Austin
1:00 PM :: My Parents Favorite Music
2:00 PM :: Marc with a C
2:45 PM :: Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew
3:30 PM :: Devo Spice
4:15 PM :: Scrub Club Records
5:00 PM :: Krondor Krew
5:45 PM :: Rocket Propelled Geeks
7:15 PM :: The Megas
8:15 PM :: I Fight Dragons
9:15 PM :: MC Frontalot - Headliner
10:45 PM :: Surprise Headliner

Sunday, Day Two:: July 12, 2009

Holiday Inn Express Convention Center :: 6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819


12:00 PM :: mCRT
1:00 PM :: Random Encounter
1:45 PM :: The great Luke Ski
2:30 PM :: Emergency Pizza Party
3:15 PM :: Dual Core
4:00 PM :: The House of Black & Fred Lives (local Wizard Rock showcase)
5:00 PM :: Uncle Monsterface
6:00 PM :: Beefy / The Grammar Club / Shael Riley
7:30 PM :: ZeaLouS1
8:15 PM :: Schaffer the Darklord
9:15 PM :: The Protomen - Headliner
10:45 PM :: mc chris - Headliner

As you can see there are some empty spots yet to be filled, so the folks at Nerdapalooza still have a thing or two up their sleeve. You can purchase your tickets for Nerdapalooza at the NaP eventbrite page. You can also check out the full list of artists there! Not only are the amazing folks above performing, but you can see the rest of the amazing performers over at the eventbrite page as well!

Besides all the wonderful performers I am more than happy to announce that hosting the event, introducing bands and killing time and such will be none other than MisterB and myself from Letters VS Numbers Podcast! Now now I know what you are saying, and sadly Chibi Ma can't make it out this year for Nerdapalooza, but I am happy to say that she will be holding down the fort at GM4A while I am off embarrassing myself!

Well that and more is what you have to look forward to in less then a month down in Orlando, Florida! Hope to be meeting some of you fine folks there!

Nerdapalooza 2009 Venue announced and tickets on sale now

So Hex of Nerdapalooza has just today announced that tickets are now on sale for Nerdapalooza 2009. Tickets are currently on sale with All Weekend passes priced at $30 and one day passes at $20. You can purchase your tickets at

The event takes place at:
Holiday Inn - Orlando International Drive Resort
6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

So since the concert this year is going to be held at a hotel, this means discounts for those who stay at the hotel during the show should be announced soon as well.

For more info about Nerdapalooza 2009 check out the Official Nerdapalooza Blog. More info should be hitting that page soon as things develop!

Artists confirmed for the concert so far include:
Schaffer the Darklord
Marc with a C
My Parents Favorite Music
Krondor Krew
Rocket Propelled Geeks