Listen to this hard rock cover of the music from Tetris by Nerd Army

Considering back when I started digging through VGM remixes and covers over ten years ago, it seemed like every other remix I heard was of Tetris, and usually in the style of techno. That said, it's probably been years since I mentioned Tetris on this blog, but this heavy hitting cover by Nerd Army is more than enough to wash away all those terrible Tetris techno memories.

Nerd Army - Mario EP release

Canadian VG rockers Nerd Army, who you may remember released a fantastic debut album last year, have released their follow up EP. The Mario EP is 8 tracks, with 6 of them dedicated to the SMB series, with the final two tracks being covers of Mega Man III and Karnov respectively.

The album can be ordered from their myspace page for $5 plus S&H. The album is definitely catchy and wonderfully done. I can't get enough of their elegant acoustic take on so many classic NES era games. Be sure to check them out!

Nerd Army self titled debut album release

In Canada, not only have nerds organized, they have actually started an ARMY. a NERDY ARMY. Well sort of. In Canada there is at least a band which is known as Nerd Army. These guys have also just released their self titled debut album, which includes "17 tracks yo!" Including awesome tracks from Final Fantasy VII, Ducktales, Kirby's Adventure, personal favorite Monster Party, and plenty more. The album is a fun and straightforward journey through some classic tracks done in a number of fashions. Definitely worth a purchase. The album is available from the group's myspace page for the price of $10 anywhere in Canada (contact the band directly for international shipping). Some of these tracks are quickly becoming my favorite, watch out for a full review coming from me in the future!