Impulse Original Soundtrack released


OverClocked ReMix just released a soundtrack to the game Impulse, developed by Deck16. The album was composed by 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier with contributions from OC ReMix regulars Neblix and Cyril the Wolf, as well as Jackson Lawhead and Brian Ali. As expected from an OCR-sanctioned OST release, the game pays homage to classics. Impulse carries heavy influences from Asteroids and Lunar Lander, but throws in countless genre twists for variety. Outside the context of the game, the album is an impressive collection of electronica.

Mega Man 9 – Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin' EP released

The forums at OverClocked ReMix recently released Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin', a tribute EP of the Concrete Man theme from Mega Man 9. Directed by DarkeSword, the release features many regulars in the arrangement community such as Flexstyle, Sir NutS, Rexy, Neblix and The Coop. The idea of putting together an EP came about the day after OC ReMix released the Mega Man 9 album Back in Blue; due to an oversight, Concrete Man was left out of that release. With an initial deadline of a week, remixers were free to submit their takes on Concrete Man for evaluation to be included in the new EP. The result is impressive and a testament to the talent of the community under DarkeSword's guiding hand.