Listen to Pumpkin Zone (f. Schaffer the Darklord) [Prod. by Saitone] by My Parent's Favorite Music

Should have posted this around Halloween... 

Original sample “Thriller” by Michael Jackson ©Epic Records 1984, composed by Rod Temperton, produced by Quincy Jones.

Chiptune remix produced by Saitone (

Vocals by Steffeny Messinger/My Parents Favorite Music ( and

Schaffer the Darklord (

Mixed/Mastered by 2 Mello (

Due to copyright issues, this is a free download, so feel free to donate to MFPM, Schaffer the Darklord, Saitone, or 2 Mello by going to their respective websites and throwing a dollar or two their way.
— My Parent's Favorite Music

Listen to 'Lifeliss,' a classic Chrono Cross hip hop remix by My Parents Favorite Music

It's truly hard to believe that MPFM has been at it for over ten years now. This track is one of my favorites from her debut album,©®@~ Mystery, though I didn't have the pleasure to hear it until the CD got a re-release sometime after the follow up album Wheelo Exgirlfriends was released.

One of the first times I heard someone rap over the nearly sacred track Time's Scar from Chrono Cross as well, and MPFM nailed it oh so long ago.

Dj RoboRob, Professor Shyguy, & My Parents Favorite Music combine like the Triforce in latest nerdcore collaboration

The best in techno nerdcore hip hop dance music.

Check out the latest collaboration between the trio of nerdcore artists. A smoking hot dance track combining the power of Dj RoboRob, the courage of My Parents Favorite Music, and the wisdom of Professor Shyguy. 

Listen to My Parents Favorite Music vocal remix of YTCracker's classic track Surge Runner

WIth the reintroduction of Surge to the world at large, My Parents Favorite Music has decided that it's the right time to drop this vocal remix of YTCracker's 2005 classic from his album Nerdrap Entertainment System.

Listen to Ice Clock from the always amazing My Parents Favorite Music


Now this is a song that I feel resonates with myself and others I've known. Leave it to My Parent's Favorite Music to make a song that makes a general sense of ennui into a catchy song that makes you want to rock out. I can imagine the shout backs for the third verse live in my mind already.

In the nearly ten years I've been running this blog, there are a handful or artists that I light up at when alerted to new music by them. MPFM is absolutely fits snugly into that category. I find her one of those artists that skips right over the idea of genre, taking chunks of everything and emerging with the sound of My Parent's Favorite Music. 

I am barely scraping the surface on my thoughts about MPFM, so rest assured there is more coming.

Watch the official video for My Parents Favorite Music single Save Point


Check out this brand new music video by one of my favorite all time groups, My Parents Favorite Music.  Save Point is definitely catchy, but the whole album is, so MPFM could release every song as a great video. If you enjoy this song, check out the full album Mt. Weird.

The first of 3 video worlds in a trilogy. From the bonus round EP, "Mount Weird":

Co-directed and filmed by Sean Barry, Tony Miller, MPFM ©2014 Production assistance by Pat & Tom White ©2014 Thanks to Duane Zuwala, Dustin James, and Dave Tait Jr.

My Parents Favorite Music releases Mt. Weird

My Parent's Favorite Music has dropped an uplifting and ass kicking new album for free download with the help of Mayor Wertz and 2Mello. Listen and download free on bandcamp or the newly redesigned

B-Type - Words album release

So in all my inane ramblings that pop up around the internet, I have neglected you, my loyal readership. For that I apologize, and give you this as a gift. It's the latest album from good friend and better rapper, B-Type. Worded Words, and released for free or best offer over at his official bandcamp page.

There are songs about Godzilla, robots, and Pokemon. If you gave me this album when I was twelve, I would have thought this was the greatest series of songs ever. Well I am a bit older than ten now, but strangely, I still spend a lot of time thinking about Godzilla, robots, and Pokemon. Which means this album is still awesome. Right now.

As for the beats, It feels like you are trapped inside a giant eighties era arcade machine, the cabinet's demo droning catchy riffs with an abundance of bass. There's a good mix of original and remixed tunes, giving the album less restraint. B's lines maneuver through a variety of styles over those tracks, showing off a growing versatility in his rhyming arsenal.

To get a feel for the album, I would have to suggest Top Percentage, with the track's swaggering beat, and Pokemon themed rhymes. Don't listen to him about not evolving your Pokemon though. My reasoning for this can be saved for a very lengthy article on the topic some other day. Just remember to evolve ALL your Pokemon.

The other song I recommend is the nerd heavy Song of Time, although, skip over to the end of the album and check out the latter version, Song of Time (Projekt Zero Pre-Emptive Remix). Though both good tracks, with plenty of great bars from a who's who kind of list of nerdcore. Unfortunately, the original track suffers from having heard this song remixed too many times (Final Fantasy Syndrome I call it). Besides, the best version of Song of Time is already this one. Perhaps this is why ProjektZero, which I am sure he will explain later, chose to remix it into a lo-fi dungeon crawling epic.

So go grab a copy, and give it a listen, and if the economy has been good to you, perhaps shoot him change for a cup of coffee. don't accept my apology that is...

My Parent's Favorite Music - Testing the Waters album release

Big news, HUGE NEWS, The highly anticipated new album Testing the Waters from My Parent's Favorite Music has finally been released. After the baffling ordeal that happened earlier this year, Steffo of MPFM returns from Japan and drops this amazing 9 song album for the masses. The album is available through the MPFM website for the price of $10, and for your troubles you also get an awesome sticker and button. Here is some more info straight from Steffo himself about the album.

The new album and 1st of set of 6, highly (not really highly) detailed pieces of a map. These will be the albums that I'll be working on until I croak. These won't be masterpieces, but they will be a good amount of my life summed up into these tiny little packages of paper and plastic. Every bit of this thing was put together by myself with the help of some of my online buddies.

My Parent's Favorite Music... MISSING

Recently I received the above photo from what I imagine is the now commandeered email of Nerdapalooza 09 performer Steffo of My Parent's Favorite Music (the MPFM site there also seems to be taken over as well). Along with the photo I got the message attached below. I am not sure exactly what it means, or if it can be believed, but perhaps posting it here will shine some light on this situation.

We are the daughters of an ex employee at HAL Laboratories. We will not disclose his name, we do not wish any more torture on the family name.

He had passed away a couple of months ago, and written in his will was a note. It said:
There was an american man in his late 30s that went by the name Steffo. He was on the development team with us (there were about 8 of us) working on game ideas back in the early 1980s. He said that he was from the FUTURE, and he had bright blue hair! We figured he just had a wonderful sense of humor. He spoke fluent Japanese, and told us about how he had started to create songs from the games that we would all create starting in the year 2000! He was full of wonderful ideas that he said he couldn't take credit for since they were from the future as well. Something about a mushroom world with a man that would stomp on animals and be the next big hero! I've heard some things in my day and this man could tell some wild stories. But truth be told, we wrote them all down. We thought the lot of them were ridiculous and didn't use them, except one. Eggerland Mystery. We had the idea from a logo that he said was used with his future music. There was some confusion about the terminology. He was saying the word logo, but we confused it for "roro". In English it would be pronouced "lolo". That's where Eggerland came from. We used his version for the American release when we had localized it in 1990. We tried to give him credit, but he wouldn't take it. And like that, one day he just disappeared. I wish I could have found him again, because wouldn't you know it, the list of his stories about these crazy games had been SPOT ON. Mario, Sonic, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Katamari Damacy, the whole bunch. I could have been rich, but I left the company shortly after Eggerland. I became a simple store clerk and raised a family: my wife Miki, and my two daughters Ima and Kagami.
We have found the future Steffo BEFORE he has time traveled to 1980, and kidnapped him to make sure our father gets what he deserves. A chance at being rich in the past. And if we find this other Steffo in his older form, if he is still alive, we will have questions for him as well. Until then we will hold on to Steffo and make sure everything is right in the past and the present.

Kagami and Ima

Nerdapalooza 2009 Venue announced and tickets on sale now

So Hex of Nerdapalooza has just today announced that tickets are now on sale for Nerdapalooza 2009. Tickets are currently on sale with All Weekend passes priced at $30 and one day passes at $20. You can purchase your tickets at

The event takes place at:
Holiday Inn - Orlando International Drive Resort
6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

So since the concert this year is going to be held at a hotel, this means discounts for those who stay at the hotel during the show should be announced soon as well.

For more info about Nerdapalooza 2009 check out the Official Nerdapalooza Blog. More info should be hitting that page soon as things develop!

Artists confirmed for the concert so far include:
Schaffer the Darklord
Marc with a C
My Parents Favorite Music
Krondor Krew
Rocket Propelled Geeks

Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! Super Mario RPG Tribute Album out today! FREE! 3 Discs worth of music!

Finally, after several months, tons of work, and lots of nostalgia, I am very very excited to announce that the Super Mario RPG Tribute Album known as Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! is now 100% finished and ready to download, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Head to this link to download

This album started out with the idea of a humble EP, but support quickly swelled until we ended up with the 3-disc beast seated before you. I have been incredibly lucky to get so much support from musicians, fans, bloggers, artists and more! You can check my more in depth thanks on the compilation web page. I am also glad to know that there are so many Super Mario RPG fans like me who are very excited about this compilation! This is the first video game tribute we have ever organized and I think we did a great job. This is merely the first of many to come! Anyway, enough of my rambling. CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE AND DOWNLOAD THE COMPILATION!

I also want to quickly mention that Kenley of the wonderful Into the Score Podcast and wonderful friend of the site has created an episode 20 that coincides with our compilation and discusses all the original music from Super Mario RPG. Click here and check out episode 20: The Music of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Also view the track listing and album art below!


01 - Super Pipe House [Nostalgia] - Videogame Orchestra

02 - Koopa's Castle - Bit Mummy

03 - Oh Yeah - Shin Phatman

04 - Explanation! - Girlz Melon

05 - Fight Against Monsters - LET'S GET INVISIBLE!

06 - Still, the Road is Full of Dangers - Girlz Melon

07 - Invincible Star - A Linear Particle

08 - Hello, Happy Kingdom - DJ RoboRob

09 - Cloaco of Croakers (Kero Sewers) - Shaun Carley

10 - Radpole Pond - Platformer

11 - SHOCK! - 8-Bit Bonanza

12 - Sad Song - Girlz Melon

13 - The Road is Full of Dangers - Hat

14 - Let's Play in the Orchestra Pit 'Geno' - Chris Porter

15 - Geno Awakens - Two Playa Game

16 - Beware The Forest's Mushrooms - Nanaki's View

17 - Rose Town - Videogame Orchestra

18 - From Inside the Earthen Pipe - Girlz Melon

19 - Let's Race (nU tacK's Pole Position mix) - nU tacK

20 - Welcome! Yo'ster Island!! - The Hmmm

21 - Hard-working Moles are Good Moles - 8-bit Philharmonic

22 - Got a Star Piece - Playing With Power

23 - Flubber Mountain - Mazedude

24 - A New Partner - Girlz Melon

25 - Booster Tower - The OneUps

26 - Find the Top - My Parent's Favorite Music

27 - Waffle Iron Violator (Fight Against a Stronger Monster) - Spamtron


01 - Wii Tried - Dom1

02 - Long Long Ago (nU tacK was a raver mix) - nU tacK

03 - Heart Beating Faster (nU tacK's Beats r Harder mix) - nU tacK

04 - Exquisite Celebration - Matheus Manente

05 - Slop[e] - God Owes Me Munnie

06 - The Starlight's Flower - Matheus Manente

07 - Here's Some Weapons - Girlz Melon

08 - SUNKEN CHIP - Techfool

09 - Piracy - Chozo Ninpo & MC Inadequate

10 - Castle In the Sky - Nameless

11 - Barrel Volcano - CygnosiC

12 - Axem Rangers Drop In - 8-Bit Suicide

13 - Raving With the Big Bosses - Lucas Park

14 - Hail Victory! - Lies Media Fetus

15 - Let's Do the Fooka Fooka (2nite) - Emergency Pizza Party

16 - Conversation With Culex - Girlz Melon

17 - Battle With Culex - Temp Sound Solutions

18 - Break the Fourth Wall - Arcane Addiction

19 - Where Am I Going? Remix - Stephen White

20 - Rekoopa Kickback - Tone 3 & Psychosiz

21 - Bring the Hammer Down (I Am the King) - Lucas Park

22 - The End - 8-Bit Philharmonic


01 - Slop[e] w/ Vocals - God Owes Me Munnie

02 - Explanation! - 8-Bit Bonanza

03 - Grandpa and the Delightful Tadpoles - The Tsunami Effect

04 - Sad Song - The Decent Ortega

05 - Mama Luigi (feat. Epic-1) - Snyder

06 - Koopa's Castle (first time extended adventure mix) - Bit Mummy

07 - Invincible Star - The Robot Diaries

08 - Fighting Bowser Beginning CTKY - Video Mummy

09 - Fight Against Monsters - The Tsunami Effect

10 - Mario's Invincible Madness - nU tacK

11 - Mystery of the Starry Hills - Lucas Park

12 - Battle with Bowser - Crystal Fortress Lvl 16

13 - Mario & Yoshi - medley - Videogame Orchestra

14 - Shin P's a Grate Guy - Shin Phatman

15 - 100 Fight Monsters - AnthemAudio

16 - Mallow's Theme - (Cerebro Desipierto Remix) - Crystal Fortress Lvl 16

17 - My Name is Bukki (Mad Railway Mix) - MechaB.E.A.R.

18 - A Conversation With Culex - Facundo Castro

19 - Conversation With Culex (no synth) - Girlz Melon

20 - Valentina (Lo-fi remix) - MechaB.E.A.R.

21 - Weapons Factory - The Tsunami Effect

22 - Hammered - Tiger vs Crane

23 - Scrub the Ground - T-Byte

24 - Let's Try - Audi0scribbler

Once again, head to to download the entire album!

Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! Music Video

I worked on this for a good while. This is the song "Find the Top" by the group My Parent's Favorite Music, for the Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! compilation. Enjoy, and hope this gets you even more excited about this release!

For more Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch info, check this link!

Buy a high-priced sticker, get a free CD! i.e. My Parent's Favorite Music re-issues Wheelo Exgirlfriends

My Parents Favorite Music Wheelo Exgirlfriends out now!

If the flash add above was not informative enough, I shall reiterate the basics. In the latest installment of My Parent's Favorite Music business practice, they are selling one expensive sticker, for the price of $5 (and $3 Shipping), but included with this sticker, is a free copy of their newly pressed album Wheelo Exgirlfriends! This album includes some of the amazing songs I first heard from them when they hit the myspace scene, such as Kool-Aid and Coffee. Well it can all be yours, just head over to MPFM's myspace page and place your order for the sticker+album combo. And get ready for their highly anticipated new album Testing the Waters which comes out this June!

Buy an outragously priced button, get a free CD! i.e. Re-issue of My Parent's Favorite Music's debut album on sale!

You heard right, after hearing about former Band of the Month MPFM oh so long ago, they finally re-printed their debut album ©®@~Z Mystery for the masses to purchase in er...masses. The album was originally made in 2002, and in this latest printing has about 100 copies to sell through. Each copy shall also be numbered and signed by Steffo and Stellar. This will certainly help your case when telling all your friends that you were down with My Parent's Favorite Music before they were big.

The only way to get an album though? That's simple. Buy one of their buttons for what amounts to highway robbery at five bucks and you get the CD for the low low price of free along with said button. Perhaps selling the album for five smackeroons, then throwing in a free button may have been a better idea. Though what do I know? I'm no businessman.

Either way, get the album and button combo by heading over to MPFM's myspace page at

PS. That's the fanciest banner I've ever seen!

Music EXP Compilation Update 2

This is not the official cover (maybe?), but some fantastic art done by none other then Steffo of My Parent's Favorite Music.

Have we got news for you! We just got a total of FOUR new bands on board for Music EXP. Most of these new bands announced are from outside of the US, which makes this quite the international compilation. From Norwich, UK we've got The Lost Levels, who's self-titled EP has been called "Dark side of the moon for the Nintendo generation." Next up, from Ontario, Canada is fantastic chiptune artist Lutin. The third band for this announcement is our pal, hailing all the way from Australia, Dot.AY. And finally, from within our US borders comes the chip stylings of Player Two. We are glad to have all of these folks on board. Be sure to check them out on their official sites.

So now, let's see the chart of bands now officially on the album!

Band count so far:
8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
The Lost Levels
Player Two
Select Start
Spheres of Chaos
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions

Keep checking back, we have a ton more to announce on the compilation soon!

Joey Mariano, Pixelh8, Temp Sound Solutions, Select Start new albums out; Plopbox, Bandit Train, Tanooki Rebirth, MPFM

So much news to catch up on, let’s get some out of the way now shall we?

Joey Mariano AKA Animal Style has released a new album under the pseudonym of Tachyon Pistol. The album, titled Reso-Rubbish is available for $8 plus $2 S&H. [UPDATE: download free at 11/24/2014] You can order the album, as well as get free downloads of some of the tracks at both the Animal Style and Tachyon Pistol sites. This album includes 14 tracks from Joey Mariano and he also states “I am sorry about this not being an Animal Style album.”


Pixelh8 also has a new album out called Videogames Ruined My Life. “The long awaited 14-track album, which melted two laptops in the process, took two commodore 64's, one 48k spectrum, one nes, one snes, five gameboys, several kids toys and keyboards, countless yards of wire and solder to make. Available To Listen To And Buy From My Page

Lots Of Love, Pixelh8”

[UPDATE: Album $7 on Bandcamp. 11/24/2014] The album can be ordered on Pixelh8’s site for £6.50 + £1.50. What that equals in US $ is beyond my limited math skills.


Temp Sound Solutions has released his newest album, which boasts 11 new tracks. The album Nut Up or Shut Up is released on MegaTwerp and can be ordered on their site for $6. [UPDATE: Album $3 via Bandcamp. 11/24/2014]


Classical cover band Select Start have released a new album recently as well. It consists of 16 classic gaming themes from Actraiser to Zelda and back again. [UPDATE: Album available free via Bandcamp. -11/24/2014] The album costs $12 including shipping and handling.

There is a very interesting new site up that I wanted to mention, they are known as Plopbox. I think they explain their site better than I can. So here’s what they say about it.

“Plopbox is a kind of jukebox which plays tunes created in the 80-90 on machines like C64, Atari, Amiga, PC and others. You can browse in the archive and clicking on a tune will play it. New tunes, submitted by the users, are added everyday by our admins.

When you have your account, you can use plopbox to manage your own playlist and choose exactly the tunes you want to hear. You will have access to other playlists and can use filters on these. The applet will play the list you selected and plopbox will behave like a web radio.

We're working on more content to offer you the best oldschool experience.”

Bandit Train has a new song called Battle Field for download at his site. Tanooki Rebirth has a new song on his site to listen to. My Parent’s Favorite Music also has a Minibosses remix on their site for download called Make Sense.

xepher.geo EPs, Spheres of Chaos album, MPFM, Akumu’s NSF Archive, VA2, Protomen, The Kode, and Year 200X concerts

Chiptune artist xepher.geo has released two free EP’s for download on his site. Afraid of the Dark is described as “droney, spacey idm breaks and noise” while the second EP titled DOS Recollection is “dirty lofi beats, chirpy chips and such madness!” They are free, so give them a listen.
Good pal’s Spheres of Chaos (interview here) are releasing their debut album on Friday the 13th of October. They also have an upcoming show on October 19th, check out their site for more details.
Just wanted to mention a new band I have come across this past week and let you folks in on it. I’ll try mentioning new and upcoming artists every week. Today I want to mention the band My Parent’s Favorite Music. Really amazing stuff.
Another interesting place to check out is Akumu’s NSF Archive. For those not in the know, NSF’s are the sound files from NES games. You can find out more information as well as programs to listen to NSF sound files at Akumu’s site.
Coming up soon, but just not soon enough is Video Armageddon 2. I just wanted to remind you all about it’s impending awesomeness on October 28th and also to post another amazing flyer for the event. This flyer coming from the good folks from This Place Is Haunted.

More upcoming concerts this week. Year 200X is playing a concert in Lansing, Michigan on the 11th. The Dr. Wily hating rock group The Protomen have two shows this week in Los Angeles this 11th and 12th. Also this Friday the 13th, Boston based pals The Kode are playing Hamdon, CT.