Listen to metal Super Metroid tribute Intergalactic Warrior by Hyde209

Possibly my favorite track from the 2013 release Super Metroid Memories. The album is a must have for any Super Metroid fan, there's nothing more to say than that. Just bang your head to this metal monstrosity.

Super Metroid Memories, a drama + arrange tribute album by Hyde209


I'm a fan of words, for those who may not know. So an album of not just Super Metroid music, but also an SM dramatic reading? Cameos by some incredible VG musicians? The bandcamp page even has lyrics! This album hits me in all the right places. 

The album takes Super Metroid fans on a trip back to Zebes as Samus Aran retells her story of visiting the ruined and dangerous world in search of the last metroid. 

Besides the excellently done narration, the album hosts a ton of remixed music from Super Metroid. These metroid rearrangements are a diverse set, with electronic, metal, and symphonic sounds all collide. These tracks heavily reinforce the Super Metroid mood you will quickly find yourself in once you hit play. 

I personally love the perilously metal "Intergalactic Warrior" and not just for the Mutherpluckin' B cameo. The track features amazing production values and not only reminds me of the Super Metroid playing of my youth, but also the large volumes of metal music I consumed during my teenage years. It all combines into one intense, but not over the top track that any metal fan will love.

The entire 18 track album is available free and learn the full story via Hyde209's bandcamp page.

Full length funk rock album from Mutherpluckin' B - The Mushroom Variety Show


Unbelievable free flowing funk rock jazz blues from the one and only, my favorite, and should be yours too, Mutherpluckin' B!

This album was years in the making and doesn't disappoint. Thirteen tracks of some of the funkiest VG remixes in the world. The album is masterfully formed into one master track as each individual song blends seamlessly with the next. Before you even know it, you've gone from the sewers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the music of Mega Man and Super Mario.

I really can't get enough of this album, and I certainly hope to have the chance to write more on both this album and MPin' B in the future!

Unfortunately, this impeccable album can not be embeded. You can listen to the full album streaming on MPin' B's site. So you aren't empty handed though, I have uploaded the opening track, "Flyin' High (part 1)" from this phenomenal album.

Listen to funk rock Blaster Master cover "Blastin' Through the Years" by Mutherpluckin' B

Motherpluckin' B is laying down the VG funk in the way only he can. Open your ears to this soaring arrangement of the music from NES classic Blaster Master.

Any track MP'in B drops is guaranteed to always be fresh, and this one is no exception. Great guitar work and catchy drums make this one head bobbing live track.

Killed by Koopa - Stage One album

Man I was out of the scene for a while if Mutherpluckin' B could gather a band, and turn out a whole new album of funked out, funked up, and funked out of town video game covers. MB's got  posse, Killed by Koopa, and they are ready to start Stage One. This might be the most soulful, bluesy, funky, rocking album of classic VG jams to hit my ears since Mutherpluckin' B's last album. These instrumentals will stir the soul, and gets that blood flowing.

Mutherpluckin' B - 8-Bit Democracy album release

Fantastic musician Mutherpluckin' B has released his long anticipated follow up to Nintendosploitation. I am downloading the album right now, so I can't really say anything about any particular tracks. Rest assured though that it is definitely amazing though! I will update this post with thoughts after listening to the album, but I can guarantee now that it is definitely worth checking out! Be sure to download the free version at this link!

Also check out the music video below for the track Sky Diver, Inside Her below!