Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!! by Shane Mesa

Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!! by Shane Mesa

I tried to look into what the deal is with this album. I know there is, or maybe was, a fan project known as Mother 4. Does this album come from that? Maybe? After my search for answers led to a reddit thread, I gave up. Anyway, this is a wonderful addition to the sounds of Shogo Sakai, Keichi Suzuki, and Hip Tanaka. There are a lot of tracks here. 60 tracks, specifically. Both new, inspired, and rearranged tracks in the mood of the Mother series. The perfect soundtrack to dream of the day that Shigesato Itoi makes another video game, and it's not about fishing.

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Listen to SUBCON podcast 19, a tribute to NWA and VGM

Ninten With Attitude. 

Forget the game themed specials, this is an N.W.A. themed episode. We got Dre, Eazy, Ice, and Ren over select video game beats in this episode.  The latest video game based lyrics corner meshes together the worlds of Earthbound Beginnings and classic N.W.A. I also talk about my early love for gangsta rap, and my current love for Advance Wars!


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Eight Melodies (16 Melodies), Earthbound/MOTHER - Vocal Cover by Lauren the Flute

Whew! I have wanted to cover this song for so long, but I wanted to do something very special with it. Earthbound is so special to so many people, including many of my very good friends, and I wanted to capture what it is that people love so much about MOTHER and Earthbound. I asked my friends to tell me what the game means to them because I wanted to write lyrics for the Earthbound "Eight Melodies" (since no official lyrics exist in English). Their answers just reinforced for me that I really need to give this game another chance. So soon I will be streaming my first full playthrough of Earthbound! I'm streaming it because I am afraid I might get frustrated or stuck and I am hoping that all the Earthbound fans I know will help me out sometimes.

Please come help me get to know this game you all love so much! I'll be on Twitch:

I hope you don't mind that there's no flute in this one. I thought it didn't need flute ... just the voice and the piano. When I realized that MOTHER's "Eight Melodies" and Earthbound's "Eight Melodies" could fit together so well, I knew I needed to do this! I'm feeling a little better about writing lyrics now that I've done it three times. I kept all of the original MOTHER lyrics from the official vocal album, and then I wrote the Earthbound lyrics myself. I'm not sure if the second half of the Earthbound melody is from the game, but there is a Japanese vocal cover that I love and have listened to a lot, and I borrowed the melody from that. But the actual arrangement here is my own arrangement, with inspiration from other places! (Yes, I did look at the MOTHER 3 "Sixteen Melodies" too, of course.)

Come say hi to me! I love to keep in touch with fans and friends. :)

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Watch this Earthbound / Mother 2 live concert with Keiichi Suzuki & Hip Tanaka


I've been meaning to post this wonderful live concert performed with composers for Mother and Earthbound (Mother 2), Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka. This live performance was my jam for months after it came out.

Together they perform a stripped down collection of live rearrangements of several classic Earthbound themes. Watch the full concert below!

Listen to the Earthbound cover Sailing to Scaraba WIP by jonwd7

I just can't say no to any Sailing to Scaraba remix I find, even this mysterious, unembeddable WIP version of the theme from over a year ago by the mysterious jonwd7. I couldn't find out much with a quick google search of this one alias, which has music both on Soundcloud and Youtube. 

So just bask in the mysteriousness of this short rendition of my personal favorite son from the entire Mother series. 

The GM4A Weekly Recap for October 27 - November 2, 2014

We are now into prime holiday game release territory. I find myself playing the wonderful Costume Quest 2 on the Wii U in my free time. The game is a charming downloadable RPG in the vein of classic games like Super Mario RPG and Earthbound. I highly suggest any RPG fan give it a try.

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Last Week's Stories

Seto pays tribute to Shigesato Itoi classics with the Mother/Earthbound Saga

In a different world I would have had PKReading as my handle everywhere rather than genoboost had I gotten the chance to play Earthbound in my formative youth. With that said, I am still a sucker for anything Earthbound, even though I played it for the first time in my twenties. 

Check out this relaxing collection of remixes of some of the catchier themes found in the Mother trilogy from Seto

I especailly enjoy the closing track Mambo de Battle, so be sure to listen to the album on through, but I'm sure Mother fans don't need much convincing with anything Mother/Earthbound related.

An argument for Earthbound's Paula in Smash Bros


Check out this epic Paula artwork Earthbound - Paula by bucketmouse

When I mentioned adding Kumatora into Smash Bros, I argued that Kumatora would make an interesting new character with an all new move set separate from Ness or Lucas. 

Today I propose the opposite. Add another clone character similar to Ness or Lucas, and that character should be Paula from SNES niche classic Earthbound. 

Due to her use of physical and magic attacks in Earthbound, she would fit the well rounded structure of Ness and Lucas. I also believe every Earthbound player would agree that 'Pray' would make one amazing final smash.

Due to the clone nature, perhaps Paula could even replace Ness or Lucas, though I find that to be an incredibly long shot. Though it could be argued that the real hero of Earthbound is Paula, but that is a separate discussion.

In the end I hold onto a more realistic hope that she at least makes an appearance as an assist trophy just as Jeff did in Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. Of course, I can always pray that there is more in store for her in the game.

Check out this short but moving Mother 25th Anniversary animation by Zakeno

It's the Mother 25th Anniversary this year, and that means an even more abundant amount of loving tributes to the Mother / Earthbound series in all forms of media. 

I get a little choked up just watching this sweet little animation that sums up three huge adventures in only a few moments. 

Check out the high quality video animation on Vimeo below with included music for guaranteed tearing up.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Snowman [Remix] by SublimeCloud


Digging through SublimeCloud's SoundCloud has already yielded great treasure with this hip hop, chill, glitch remix of likely my favorite music from the Mother/Earthbound series, the winter theme of "Snowman". Can not go wrong with this one. The relaxed vibe of the original shines in a new way thanks to the rushing drums and pulsing sounds presented. This track definitely makes me dream of the next time someone drops a full on Mother or Earthbound album.

Listen to Zimbolt remix Earthbound - Winters White (Zimbolt Edit)


Damn near every quality Earthbound remix I hear, I have to pass along to the fine purveyors of this website. This short but catchy remix of Winters White from Mother 2 by Zimbolt.

For years I was constantly harangued to check out this weird little RPG called Earthbound. Eventually I relented, and my life was changed. As a relatively new convert (about 4-5 years ago now?) to this amazing game, it is now also my quest to bother you until you play it!

Are you playing it now? Have you begun the requisite steps to acquire this game? If not, I'll mention it again next time some Earthbound hits the site.

YTCracker - earthbound - adventures of the sound stone vol. 1

Earthbound hip hop automatically wedges its way into my heart without much work. Perhaps it was that Earthbound Zero mixtape, or maybe it's because I want to create an EB game hack called Erfbound. YTCracker drops Adventures of the Sound Stone Vol. 1 and does what he does, and if you know YTCracker you know how he does.

Every time I hear someone do something with Earthbound music, it feels like I understand more about the strange original music of the game.

Earthbound raps son!

I Miss You - Earthbound 2012 compilation release

I get excited about a lot of things, but Earthbound excitement is on another level! Feel free to play this album, and daydream about the Earthbound of an alternate reality. This album definitely does the Earthbound/Mother name proud.

Also, word up to Pongball, who has released plenty of great music I need to write about. Also Joshua Morse, who was on the Bound Together album all those years ago. He even did one of my all time favorite remixes, Medical Insurance.

<a href="">I Miss You - EarthBound 2012 by Various Artists</a>

Hack in Black: A look at Mario Kart Black

Sometimes, around the borders of the video game worlds we are so enchanted with, buried behind message boards and traded in the more obscure reaches of the internet lie the odd hidden curiosity. As most people know (certainly the readers of this site do), the obsession of video games for most goes beyond simply playing them. We are inspired by video games, enough so to create them and/or pay tribute to them in a variety of ways. Considering the influence games can have on a varied collection of people, it's not surprising that some have found more imaginative or niche outlets for their creativity than others.

One of these niche curiosities I have encountered is a texture hacked version of Mario Kart Wii created by Roobix available here, or here (registration required). Don't forget to grab the soundtrack as well, you can thank me for that later. For those in the dark, simply imagine an unlicensed remix of the same core game, swapping out colors, palettes, and maps, and editing them heavily. Unlike some well known hacks, this one is of a purely cosmetic nature, but don't let that deter you from this one of a kind Mario Karting experience.


Yes, it is self rated as Mature.

Among my friends, I seem to be the only one that takes Mario Kart to a high degree of seriousness. Probably too seriously, according to the restraining order from the local LAN center. When I get behind the wheel of these outlandish carts, my mind shifts into a focused, aggressive racing machine. Considering the sales, and constant excitement for new Mario Kart games, I am sure I am not alone in this reverence to Mario and his Karts. Now it is with that frame of mind that I decided to try out Mario Kart Black.

Once I went through all the necessary adjustments to get this hack running on my console, I realized that the only reference I had as I started Mario Kart Black were memories of the last time I played Mario Kart Wii and the not quite so Mario-esque artwork that accompanied this unofficial re-imagining. I was completely unsure of what I was in for in this strange texture hack, though the warning screen of Mario smoking a joint quickly gave me an idea.

At least he's off the mushrooms.

As the race starts, I'm reluctantly crouched at the starting line, engines, pumping...ahem. Sorry. See, along with the cosmetic changes, we are also treated to a completely new soundtrack, ripped from what must be an odd assortment of the creators own racing playlist. The song that marks the first race is non other than racing themed rock ballad Going the Distance by Cake. An agreeable choice, if not the most original. Although, while carving the now muddy raceway known as Dark Oval, it's hard not to sing along. It takes a moment to recall the original Luigi's Circuit as you tear through the dirt track, sending the now thuggishly renamed characters like Dro Bombs and Lil' Daisy to the back with a well placed chrome turtle shell. Yeah, they're chrome now. All of them.


Leading from the new but reasonable sights and sounds of the first level of Mario Kart Black, we take a turn for the mad in Mad Cow Meadows. As you slide in and out of a farm now in the throws of Autumn, the psychedelic cows may cause you to veer dead into them while the nostalgic, ambient tones of Alice by Pogo breeze along on the fall winds.



The third track in Mario Kart Black's Platinum Cup course sealed the fun of the game for me. A surreal night drive through an Alice in Wonderland inspired track brings you into an almost brand new game in the course, Shroom Bouncin'. Trumpets blare in a funky head bobbing beat courtesy of my favorite track in Mario Kart Black, 1976 by RJD2. Bounding across neon shaded shrooms in search of first place while a catchy chorus rolls alongside you is exactly where MKB hit it's stride. The moonlit scenery had sufficiently warped the memory of Mario Kart Wii in my mind. Now Mario Kart Black had become it's own experience and not just a simple palette swap.


Shroom Bouncin'

Though the time it takes to install the Homebrew Channel, and subsequent other programs and files to your Wii may take a fair bit of time, depending on your skill with such things (A skill I have none of, I must say), Mario Kart Black is well worth the effort if you have been looking for an excuse to bring Mario Kart back into the rotation of games you and your friends play. Each race track has a brand new feel, shifting the original into a series of psychedelic, evil, nostalgic, or just plain strange lands. Each of which is accompanied by interesting and entertaining song choices, from dubstep, to hip hop, to even showtunes. There are some courses that feel more inspired than others, but each of them work well to create a varied and new experience that seems to be more than the sum of a couple changed texture files. If you are in the mood to jump back behind the wheel, then check out this post over at to get started.

Before I leave you to enjoy the game though, I have to mention a course that simply has to be played (especially since there are no quality videos of it on Youtube). To take it all in, you need sharp eyes, quick reflexes, and a slight obsession with cult classic RPG Earthbound. What results is the tracks namesake, Sensory Overload. Couple this with the surreal pop classic Downtown by Petula Clark blaring as you rush down the crowded streets of none other than the bent reality known as Moonside.

"I can have a your...hands..."

"Welcome to Moonside. Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide."

"If you stay here too long, you'll end up frying your brain. Yes, you will. No, you will...not. Yesno, you will won't."

The streets are pitch black, with the exception of the cars rushing all around you while neon lit buildings loom over the racetrack. With a keen eye you might notice a few of the many references littered across billboards and along the sides of trucks as they quickly zoom past you. There isn't much time to take in the scenery though, since you will have your hands full careening around the barely visible course and weaving through the downtown traffic. Unfortunately, there is no Mani Mani statue to destroy to make it back to reality this time.

"We know how to sing but we don't know how to handle money or women. Do-wap. do do wop."

UPDATE: Added links to the game and soundtrack in the third paragraph.