Teleidofusion - Around Past album release

A while back I heard a few tracks from a very interesting collaboration by a personal favorite, C-Jeff, alongside another great chiptune artist who I had not heard too much from, Megus. Well I am very proud to announce that the two musicians have expanded their work and have now released a brand new full length album together AS Teleidofusion. Their debut release is available through the up and coming Ubiktune netlabel.

Around Past is that album, and it contains 10 tracks of melodic chiptunes, wailing guitars and then some. Their approach takes chiptunes to a variety of soundscapes as they add several instruments of varying locales and genres, mixing them throughout the album. You can hear this in the piano driven opening track Soft Illusion, as well as the eastern sounds of 5 Minutes of Autumn.

The title track Around Past is a funky glitch track that layers on some catchy guitar work over some scratched up chip work. About half way through the song reaches a driving guitar solo, then comes back down to a swirling tempo of that aforementioned chiptune funk. This is most certainly a stand out track on a stand out album. My personal favorite track on the album though is the incredibly upbeat track Summer Mood, which is a fast paced chip and guitar track that melds the sounds together incredibly well, and is simply a delight to listen to. A person can imagine a care free drive through the 8 bit town of their choice as the trees and buildings rush past.

And that is only describing the first four tracks of the album! If you can't tell, I am quite the fan of this album, much like the other solid releases out of ubiktune since I caught wind of them. Definitely head over to right now and grab this album. The fantastic coupling of guitars and chips creates a memorable album well worth being in your collection.

Autumntunes compilation release


After a breezy Autumn, Ubiktune is back with another all star collection of nostalgia driven chiptunes in Autumntunes. For those like me who are fans of prior release Summertunes, then you will no doubt find much to enjoy in this longing look back for the colorful days of autumn during these chilly holidays.

There is much to be heard here as well. In this 16 track collection we hear from big time chiptune composers like Virt in his worldly track Mecha-Kukai Travels To Chang'An, which is a fast paced six minute romp/action sequence through what seems like a gently shimmering chinese city on the edge of the forest. We also have Shnabubula in Use a Rake, which is a two minute battle of wits between a man, armed with his rake, and the ever cunning pile of leaves he hopes to defeat, at least that's what I interpret in this crunchy, ever changing and surprisingly in your face track.

We also have relative unknowns, but with fantastic tracks. Zinger's Ashen Emotion is an epic little track that comes highly recommended. A spacerock feel gives you the idea of rocketing out of earth's orbit in mid October, or perhaps blasting through a hostile alien world that seems to be going through the same earth seasons we have back home. Five Minutes Of Autumn from Megus closes the album with a clacking metronome which is swiftly covered by ominous tones and winds. The song slowly builds until about a minute in when we hear the main theme come in. The song feels like an ending reprise and reflection on both the album, as well as the season and one long adventure. The gentle melody sways along adding guitars and effects along the way. The song slides it's way through several different moods as instruments drop in and out, finally bringing things to a close with an abrupt somber end.

We can't leave out chiptune staples like Temp Sound Solutions with his glitched out rained in Phrt, with it's plodding pace, claustrophobic feel and great use of samples, this one will definitely stick with you well after it is finished playing. Or Alex Mauer's Gentle With The Hand, a stirring piece that slides from intimidating blasts of sound to high relaxing notes. As if coming in and out of consciousness.

And that is only a small handful of what is encapsulated here! Nearly an hour of finely crafted chiptunes to mourn the end of fall, and step into the cold of winter. Did I also mention the album, as with all Ubiktune releases, is free? Well it is! So head over to the Autumntunes page and download it right away!

Also click on through to see the full list of songs and artists.

01 Megus - Five Minutes Of Autumn 02 Alex Mauer - Gentle With The Hand 03 Zinger - Ashen Emotion 04 Joule - Bursting Bubble Boy 05 Kulor - Doorbellsplosion 06 Malmen - Flirt Talk 07 Blitz Lunar - Heavenly Spores 08 Shnabubula - Use A Rake 09 Virt - Mecha-Kukai Travels to Chang'An 10 Manwe - Rotagilla 11 Syphus - Drop Table 12 Coda - Harvest Moon 13 nq/skrju - The Whiskey Has Been Drinking, Not Me 14 Zan-Zan-Zawa-Veia - Fixt Path 15 Temp Sound Solutions - Phrt 16 C-jeff - Last Minutes Of Autumn