Video Game Music: Final Score August 11-17

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MEGAMAN by Maximo

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Joshua Morse drops chiptune sequel ‘Waveform 4′

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8-bit Artist returns with Pipe Painted Mega Man

The ever talented 8-bit artist has come back from hiatus with a stunning Mega Man painting, not just any plain old canvas painting either. He came up with a double sided rendition of Mega Man on 23 pipes. With each pipe at 21 inches tall. 360 degrees painted all around. One side shows the classic Blue Bomber, while the opposite side shows Mega Man with his hard earned Heat Man suit. Check out the stunning artwork below. Also, if you were considering spending some cash on this, sorry to break it to you, but it's already sold.

Blue Bomber Suit side 180 degrees

Heat Man Suit side 180 degrees

360 degrees painted all around animated .gif

Be sure to check out more amazing work from 8-bit artist at

In the Past Twenty Years, Mega Man Never Sounded This Good

From Philladelphia to Phoenix and now to Nerdcore, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Random! As you can hear for yourself on his myspace, before working on his new album, he had already established himself as an amazing artist. His previous albums, his introductory album Fundamentals and the more recent and candid The Call let the world know that if there's one thing Random could not be called, it was stale. Random has already brought a fresh breath of dynamic air into the hip hop community... and now he thought he'd give Nerdcore a try.

His third album is slated to be released in just under two weeks (June 19, 2007), and in celebration to the fact that this year is the twentieth birthday for everyone's favorite blue android, he has decided to entitle it Mega Ran, with an album rife with hip hop all in the name of Dr. Light's bouncing boy. As Random's press release from May 9th says:

"Collaborators on the project include RAHM Nation producer DN3 (The Call, Rapademics), Domingo (Big Pun, KRS-ONE), nerdrap sensation YT Cracker, Videogame rock band The Megas Problem Child, Samik (G-Unit and Ruff Ryders producer), and many more."

You can already listen to his treatment to the theme to Wood Man with his song "Grow Up," available at his myspace. The second released song, "Final Fight" can be found at the Mega Ran Yahoo Group as well as in the archives of NeRPSID (Nerdapalooza Radio Program Show for Internet Distro). I interviewed him NeRPSID on June 2nd and the WORLD premiere of the song took place immediately after the interview. This Friday, June 8th, he'll be interviewed by the Awful Show, so be sure to tune in to their podcast.

For those curious on how to get a copy of Mega Ran when it comes out:

"Mega Ran" will release on June 19th, 2007 and will be a free download at , Random's MySpace page, and A special limited version of the album in CD form, with bonus tracks and additional artwork will be available for sale at RAHM Nation's website."