Nobuooo 2.09 update

It's a new month, and with that it seems it is time for another update from Jeriaska for, a Digg style website for news in the VGM and VG inspired music community. This months update focuses on the album Mega Ran 9 through Random's (AKA Mega Ran) own words.

Mega Ran goes over how the album became a reality and how each song came together. Definitely a good show for any fan of Random. Watch the video below and be sure to vote for the news at

Random releases Mega Ran 9 (Free Version)

Nerdcore superstar Random AKA Mega Ran has dropped his newest effort to an awaiting public. The album is free to download and can be grabbed off of the Capcom-Unity community blog at this link. The album is planned to have 14 tracks, but only 11 are available on the free version. But those eleven include plenty of guest rappers and an appearance by the great Mutherpluckin' B. Hurry up and download, since I am not sure how long this will be available for free. And if you want to buy the album and hear the rest of the songs then keep an eye on for when the full album drops on March 20th!