Asis Galvin, PMC, and Raisi K - Megaman 3 OST​-​R Mixtape

You aren't just dealing with a mega man, but a group of mega men. Asis Galvin gathers PMC and Raisi K to bring you a mixtape remixing the entirety of the Mega Man III soundtrack into head bobbing hip hop beats. Get lost in the rhythm and bounce as you teleport to the next evil lair to defeat that insidious evil doctor for the last time.

Watch Levar Allen's music video for his rearrangement of the title theme of Mega Man 3


Classy rock remix of the classic opening music to Mega Man III. Along with the video, the track has a very spacious, arena rock style to it.

Youtube is a place I've sorely neglected over my years of VGM searching, mostly due to a sitewide focus on albums rather than singles. I'm glad the site redesign has made it possible to share more amazing videos from great talent like Levar Allen on this site.