Tracked presents creepy chiptune compilation Fright Club

So I think I should start considering November the real October. Considering it takes me a minute to hear an album and give the thumbs up that is this post. And considering everyone drops their Halloween album in the latter half of October. I'm still playing catch up.

I crashed into this particular compilation of creepy chiptunes via Masikus, who is featured on the compilation with his shiver inducing track The Babadook. Assumedly based on the movie, which I have not seen, but the track is damn creepy.

There are eight other tracks from folks that I am hearing for the first time. The chiptune mashup remix Never Gonna Bust a Thrill by Pain Perdu is a wonderful dance mix of chiptunes. Zanitlla creates a chaotic mix of gothic electronics in the stand out track Queen of the Zombos. All the tracks have a particular flair, and will make a perfect mix at your next creepy chiptune Halloween party, in 2017, because this album was released on Halloween night. So that is why you are hearing about it in mid November.

Good evening boils and ghouls and welcome to the first installment of the Fright Club! This collection of nightmarish waveforms, both originals and remixes, was chillingly crafted by some of your favorite creatures just in time for Halloween. So if you have an insatiable taste for haunted hymns, you’ve come to the right place.
— Masikus

Masikus - Sector Z³ and a few words about the recently announced Star Fox for Wii U


"Who are you guys?"
"We're Star Fox."

A Trio of Sector Z remixes from Masikus. Not a lot to add to that.  small collection, so allow me to rant about Starfox a little.

It's supposed to be an arcade game. Please Nintendo, put the outer space action flair back in Star Fox.

The greatest game ever, Star Fox 64 reveled in its sci-fi space fighter theme and used it to create a ridiculously quotable wrapper around the chocolatey core of tight, responsive controls and reflex driven arcade gameplay. Maybe you want to listen to the album while I continue.

Whatever becomes of the upcoming Star Fox announced during the recent E3, I hope that it is episodic content. What better way to show off the very idea of episodic content. Imagine playing through a new, roughly one hour Star Fox adventure every month. I believe this turns the normally jeered upon game length of arcade styled games into a positive, turning the experience from a 5-10 game into smaller, movie length experiences. 

Doing so would also reinvigorate the movie-like aspects of the beloved Star Fox 64, playing up the hokey dialogue and ammunition factory explosions every episode in glorious HD. 

What do you think? Could Star Fox, or perhaps some other series be revived better as episodic content?