Progressive metal videogame arrangement album 'Worlds That Never Were' by Fisherman's Horizon

Beyond the horizon. 

Stirring rearrangements of a dozen classic retro game themes from the four piece group Fisherman's Horizon. 

Fisherman’s Horizon are:

Álex Garcigregor: Keyboards, Piano, iPad, backing vocals
Diego Matas: Bass guitars, backing vocals
Iván Rivero: Guitars, ukelele, backing vocals
Pablo García de Gregorio: Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at Basamento Studios by Álex Garcigregor (except Vocals in Last of the cetra and Quejío in La Rumba del Bosque Loco)

Sound design, additional guitars, additional bass guitar and additional percussion by Álex Garcigregor

Artwork and design by Pablo García de Gregorio

Album concept and all arrangements by Fisherman’s Horizon, except Merry-go-rain, arranged by Álex Garcigregor.
— Fisherman's Horizon