MC Larny releases B-sides of video game remixes in 'Project Nightmare: Lost Levels II'

I'm still working on the enormous backlog of music by MC Larny since discovering his work in early 2013, which can be difficult when the hits just keep coming. Take the new album Project Nightmare: Lost Levels II, what might appear to be forgotten and thrown away tracks have a true vibrancy to them. Perhaps it's the phenomenal and ever present drum work, or the glitched out incursions bleeding over the edges of this collection. Likely, much of it may be due to the funked up remix of Sonic Spinball that I like to imagine I played a part in.

Project Nightmare: Links of Future Past, a Legend of Zelda remix album by MC Larny


If there is one thing that holds a special reverence in my heart, it is most certainly the Legend of Zelda. Among the other things I hold dear, MC Larny remix albums. 

He's back with another entry in the project nightmare series, this time with a dark hip hop styled tribute to the Links one and all.