Team Teamwork-"Vinyl Fantasy 7"

The ones behind The Ocarina of Rhyme are at again, this time with the world filled with magic powered crystals, men in suits, and men with large-pointy hair. Remixing various hip-hop tracks with FFVII (Final Fantasy VII) tracks you get about 40 minutes of bad-ass mash-ups that you never thought of before.

Featuring Artists like Jay-Z, MF DOOM, Outkast, and Ghostface Killah, this album is clash of top of the line composed work (done by Nobuo Uematsu of course) and some of the most well known hip-hop artists out there. How well these tracks go together will just blow your mind. For example, hearing Outkast's(ft. Raekwon) "Royal Flush" match up to "Sailing from Junon" was, in my opinion, one of the gleaming gems off this album.  This album is nothing but, what I would call, magical!  Especially if you enjoy hip-hop and video game music.

Waking up to find this was indeed a good start of a day.  There is no minimum in donating but you really should anyway because Team Teamwork is awesome!  Download it now and check out what crazy mixes they have created this time!

Editors Note: Sadly the Bandcamp page for this album has been taken down, but you can find the album over at Team Teamwork's tumblr page.