Listen to Super Luigi centered hip hop track My Year by Levar Allen

Luigi living every year like it's the year of Luigi.

Levar Allen steps inside the green clothes and spits a track from perennial sidekick Luigi, and tells it like it is with a cool flow and smooth beats.

Watch Hot Chocolate Party's Mario Kart 8 inspired music video “Luigi Death Stare”


Take a look at this hilarious hip hop music video from the the group Hot Chocolate Party. Watch as they apply the lessons learned from Mario Kart 8 to the real world trials of their lives. Read the lyrics and rap along, because they are awesome and included lyrics in the youtube description.

I'm still playing Mario Kart 8 damn near every chance I get. Mosty because I have it downloaded to my Wii U, so every time I fire it up, I see that little MK8 logo beckoning me. Alright, just a race or two...