Listen to Froskees' Final Fantasy V mashup Library Of Ancients (Childish Gambino)

Absolutely off the hook mashup of Final Fantasy V and Childish Gambino. This is some final boss battle level shit right here.

Listen to the upbeat chiptunes of Losap track November


I am a big fan of seasonally themed tracks, especially ones about Fall or Winter as I languish in this desert heat here in Los Angeles. Losap answers my sun parched prayers with the track November. This is one of my favorite tracks on the rich fruit that is the Party Sometimes album.

More forthcoming on the album soon. First I Need to hunt down this Losap character and get some info out of him beyond his handful of posts over on This guy should never stop making music, that much seems true.

Flying Fortress - Gatekeepers 2.0 album release

Flying Fortress is riding through on vanilla chrome, again! Over the top rhymes and and epic beats await you when you meet the Gatekeepers 2.0. That's right, this shit has upgraded to a whole new level. The group combines underground Los Angeles rap with the largely internet based territory of nerdcore emcees. Flying Fortress is a hip hop group made up of video game playing, anime loving, nerd embracing emcees and producers, NamelessLCk!x, and Illgill. The group combines their powers like a mecha tank ready to take over Los Angeles. I've had the pleasure of seeing them perform on several occasions, and the same energy they bring to their live sets are certainly present on this album. Gatekeepers 2.0 is the groups sophomore album and was released December 2011 for download via bandcamp. The official liner notes read,

"The album "Gatekeepers 2.0" embodies influences from Los Angeles' eclectic Hip-Hop scenes and the Nerdcore phenomenon. The four emcees/producers fused their distinct styles to make this music project the entrance to their further works and histories. This album delivers a healthy dose of electro-funk with a "Party On!" attitude. Raise your drinks and prepare for take-off with Flying Fortress' "Gatekeepers 2.0"! "

I can tell you one thing. Kirby Superstar's The Great Cave Offensive theme has never sounded this intense or offensive until Flying Fortress' track Hungry. Beside the instant Kirby classic, I have a strong smattering of favorites from this album. Vanilla Chrome remains a modern nerd classic. The free to download bonus track Anime drops a ton of old school anime references. The album finishes off with Final Fantasy Finale, a track that quickly veers into a dirty but driving victory theme for Flying Fortress to ride out in style. The album is available to stream, or to download for $5. You can also download the aforementioned track Anime for free.

LA8Bit presents chiptune shows in Los Angeles January 18-20

Click for full size flyer

Los Angeles is all set for a chiptune/chipthrash/thrashchip invasion this weekend, and the party is going all weekend! As the flyer above states, the big show, Frequency 2.0, is happening at The Smell January 19th and 20th, but for those who can't even wait that long for some chiptune action,  there is also a preshow happening in Pasadena on the 18th.

Check out and the associated facebook page for full info.

Tonight in Los Angeles, CA. Pizza and Chips 3 chiptune/nerdcore show!

Hey everyone! In or near Los Angeles tonight with nothing to do? Come on out to our chiptune/nerdcore show tonight in Rosemead, CA! Pizza and Chips 3 is the name and we will have amazing artists like ZeaLous1, San Diego nerdcore mc with a whole new act up his sleeve tonight. Not to mention amazing LA based chiptune acts EvilWezil, Wizwars, and SXEZSKOZ. We will also have a few giveaways and more for you to enjoy as well! We hope to see you out tonight!

Show starts at 5pm and full details for directions and location are below.

Performances by: EvilWezil ( Over the top chiptune extraordinaire from Los Angeles, CA. ZeaLouS1 ( San Diego native fire breathing nerdcore MC. Wizwars ( Los Angeles based Chiptune Space Rock . SXEZSKOZ ( Laid back, glitched out chiptunery out of Los Angeles.

Date and Time: Thursday, April 8th, 2010 5PM to 8PM

Address: Rose City Pizza 3588 Rosemead Blvd. Rosemead, CA 91770 626-280-8885

Afterwards we will also be having a get together at DIZeLAN Frag Center! (click here for directions from Rose City Pizza to DIZeLAN Frag Center). The address for DIZeLAN is 857 S. Lark Ellen Ave, Azusa, CA 91702 We will be here hanging out and playing video games all night!