Watch this Earthbound / Mother 2 live concert with Keiichi Suzuki & Hip Tanaka


I've been meaning to post this wonderful live concert performed with composers for Mother and Earthbound (Mother 2), Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka. This live performance was my jam for months after it came out.

Together they perform a stripped down collection of live rearrangements of several classic Earthbound themes. Watch the full concert below!

Watch Triforce Quartet: Zelda Medley LIVE at PAX Prime 2014!

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Enjoy this LIVE Performance from the Triforce Quartet from PAX Prime 2014 on 8/26/14! If you want to watch the entire 6-Part concert, click here:►

Concert Shots: Zelda Symphony @ Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver

The Zelda Symphony is on tour once more, this time bringing with it a whole new repertoire of tracks to dazzle audiences. And dazzle they did! With new performances based on Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and other titles from the long history of the franchise, the Zelda Symphony did not disappoint when they brought their act to Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre. Shots below from the show! [gallery ids="8018,8019,8020,8021,8022,8023,8024,8025,8026,8027,8028,8029,8030,8031,8032,8033,8034,8035,8036,8037"]

Takeharu Ishimoto adds The World Ends With You live remixes to Soundcloud


Square-Enix Composer Takeharu Ishimoto has been posting a variety of live remixes from his soundtrack to The World Ends With You. There are also a smattering of other songs spread through out.

I was a big fan of a lot of the things that The World Ends With You brought to the table. A fast-paced modern day RPG with a distinct look, and even more distinct sound. That sound is thanks to Ishimoto's uptempo fusion of rock and techno. This is even more distinct in a well-recorded live setting.

It's hard to believe that the game came out all the way back in 2008. Battle system wise, I don't think any RPG has matched it since. This game was very unique and made the most of the dual screen technology of the DS. Considering the layout of the 3DS, it's hard to believe that if this game does get a true sequel, the gameplay will look similar to the original. I do hope that the crew gets back together and does another game with a similar style, but let this title rest with it's incredible and unique style of gameplay. What happened to spiritual successors in video games?

Chrono Trigger's Wind Scene by 8 Bit Instrumental

As most gamers my age, I am absolutely in love with nearly every aspect of the Square classic Chrono Trigger. The game originally launched on the SNES in 1995, and essentially decimated all competitors to the RPG throne. One of the reasons this game is so well regarded is the unbelievable breadth, style, and memorability of the soundtrack. Yasunori Mitsuda was the composer for Chrono Trigger, which was the first game he ever headed in such a major capacity.

The video above is a 2008 rendition of Wind Scene from the Chrono Trigger soundtrack by 8 Bit Instrumental, from their album The Number of the Bit. 8 Bit Instrumental is a group of Brazilian musicians who have spent years arranging amazing live renditions of classic video game themes. Relax and let the sounds of Chrono Trigger sooth you before that next big boss battle.

Youtube description of "8 Bit Instrumental - Wind Scene (Chrono Trigger)


Uploaded on Dec 16, 2008 ___ Música que faz parte do álbum "The Number of the Bit" (dez/2008). Essa versão foi gravada ao vivo. Baixe a versão do álbum no nosso site. ___ This song is part of the album "The Number of the Bit" (dec/2008). This version was recorded live. To download the album's version access our bandcamp.


Indiegogo: Support The Day After 3 Fundraiser!

996881_10151529139001487_895625050_n Channel Zero is holding a fundraiser to extend this year's Nerdapalooza by one more day. It is called The Day After 3, and Channel Zero say that support is necessary to achieve this goal. If you plan on attending Nerdapalooza 2013, and aim to get the most nerd for your money, this may be the fundraiser for you.

"Ever sit up at night and wish that the nerdiest of nerd music events, Nerdapalooza, would last just one more glorious night? Well here is your chance to make dreams come true."

This Indiegogo campaign has flexible funding, which means this campaign will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal. The Day After 3 Fundraiser ends September 30, 2013.

The Day After 3 Fundraiser! The Day After Show is an amazing VIP party/concert that was created to add an extra day to the already awesome nerd music festival Nerdaplooza in Orlando, FL!

Here's the list of confirmed performers at this point, to which I will add as they are signed on board:

Benjamin Briggs DJ RoboRob Magitek Death*Star

...and many more to come!

Date of the show is Monday, Oct. 21st 2013.  "The Day After" Nerdapalooza!

International Dub Ambassadors - The Return Of The Curse Of The Creature's Ghost (bootleg)

This band is a testament to making sure I check my emails more thoroughly. International Dub Ambassadors are a collection of folks from Puerto Rico playing some amazing live arrangements of classic NES and SNES tunes. With big band rearrangements of Contra, Super Mario World, and F-Zero it is tough to choose a favorite. Luckily I don't have to decide because the entire The Return Of The Curse Of The Creature's Ghost (bootleg) can be downloaded free of charge.

Music currently unavailable from artist.

Concert Shots: Skyfox, MC Lars, The Protomen, I Fight Dragons

Live, from the Metro in Chicago, it's a cornucopia of nerdcore bands pumping out their best! Wrapping up their tour, The Protomen and I Fight Dragons brought with them Skyfox and MC Lars to dish out the best nerd-music show that Chicago has had in a good while. Filling up the venue, they failed to disappoint as Skyfox captured new hearts and minds, MC Lars entertained, The Protomen battled for freedom, and I Fight Dragons, well...fought dragons! While it was a show that's best experienced by being there in person, I've got some shots that capture at least a fraction of the energy that these guys were pumping through Chicago's veins. [gallery link="file"]