Wrap up and footage from Level Up! Level 2!

Hey folks who missed our second anniversary show Level Up! because you are cheap asses or don't live close enough to go. Hopefully the latter. Lucky for you fine folks we have footage of the show thanks to some fine folks!

The event far exceeded my expectations with about 100 people turning out for the show (double what we had last year), and on a Sunday no less! The doors opened at 8:30 with only a handful of stragglers entering, which led to more anxiety for me. Only a handful of people by the time Hot Waffles was set to take the stage at 9PM. Luckily as their set continued many more folks started piling into the CIA. I assume most of which became quick fans of Hot Waffles after songs like Vice City Blues, and George Lucas Raped Our Childhood. Sadly no footage of the fantastic band has yet to surface, but I hold out hope that someone recorded something, as they had quite a hilarious set.

After Hot Waffles ended to a good bit of applause and a much larger crowd then they started with, the King of the Boss Fights himself ZeaLouS1 took the stage. ZeaLouS1 did a phenomenal set with new material, old classics, and sidekick Lil Harmz. Definitely some awesome stuff, you can see footage of a few songs over at zealous1.com in fact!

ZeaLouS1 - Level Up

Third up, was the band most everyone was there to see. The Megas, who threw one hell of an epic set. The venue was pretty packed. From intro to encore ending they were intense and sounded great. I would like to add that their encore song was The Message from Dr. Light, available only on Welcome to World 2. We have footage for most of their set, so hopefully I can get it up on the youtube soon.

The Megas - Intro / I Want to be the One

The show finished with another band from the first Level Up! last year, Super Barrio Brothers. The team of Dumbfoundead and 8 Bit Bandit (and some of the thirsty fish crew) had quite a set, with tons of freestyles, a small piece of a capella from the Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch! compilation, and of course some of the amazing tunes from the Super Barrio Brothers LP.

Super Barrio Brothers - Three Pipes Down

Super Barrio Brothers closed out the show, which by all of my standards was one hell of a success! Thank you to all the bands that performed, the CIA for letting us throw the show, and everyone who came out to have a great time! We hope to be throwing another show sometime soon, so watch out for that, and of course, go chill with us at the listening party this coming Sunday!

Oh yeah, and check out the playlist on youtube for even more videos!

Level Up! Level 2! Tomorrow! Are we all set to rock!?

I just wanted to post a reminder about our concert, which is TOMORROW! CLICK HERE FOR FULL INFO. I hope we will be seeing a lot of you awesome readers in attendance, It will be awesome, I assure you! With acts like Hot Waffles, ZeaLouS1, The Megas, and Super Barrio Brothers to rock or rap your face off as necessary. Not to mention perhaps some appearances from Push Start and IllGill to boot. It should be an epic night of rocking out, and just hanging out with fellow gamers and music lovers. I for one can't wait!

Also, Don't forget! Our brand new compilation Welcome to World 2 will be available at the concert as well, for those interested in purchasing it!

Oh, also want to show off this awesome flier the CIA did for us!

Level Up! photos

I just wanted to let everyone know that the photos from Level Up! are in our photobucket. All photos are taken by me, Corey, unless otherwise specified. Just head over to the photobucket and go into the Level Up album. If you haven't already, you can also check out the photos from the I-Am-8-Bit art show that we attended a few months ago.

Again, thanks to everyone who took part in Level Up! We appreciated all of the support we received and we hope to do something like that again soon. If you have any other photos from the concert please send them to me at my email: dollssight@hotmail.com. Or through my myspace.

Don't forget to head over to the photobucket. Enjoy!

Level Up! Success!

Thank you to everyone coming out and supporting our first event as a website! It was quite a success. Everyone had a great time and the CIA invited us to do it again. Everyone dug the venue and all the bands rocked the show hard. There were also some amazing impromptu moments, but we'll get into those in a later post.

We are now at Level 2 today! Year 2 of promoting every band under the video game sun. Ever since our first post exactly one year ago. Now we bravely step into another year of hard work, and ever rising recognition. Wish us luck on our journey to Level 3 and beyond! Happy anniversary to us!

Some info about the Level Up! Guitar Hero II tournament

As you should all be aware, Level Up! shall be having a GHII tournament. Just wanted to get some quick info about it to the people.

  • The tournament is open to only the first 30 people who sign up, and sign up starts as soon as the doors open at 8:00 PM.
  • It is free to sign up for the tournament.
  • There will be prizes for first and second place, as well as a few random prizes.
  • The tournament will be on the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II
  • The tournament will be single elimination, so one loss, and you are out.

Level Up! Flier fun

I'm sure you all know about our upcoming Level Up! anniversary concert celebration (and if you don't, then read up). Well I just wanted to pimp out the fliers made for this upcoming event. First flier is from Hex Warrior, our good pal of Nerdapalooza fame.

Our next awesome flyer comes to us from the band Toploader, who is performing at the concert. Check out their sweet flier below.

Thank you very much to the folks who provided us with these fantastic fliers. Be sure to spread them around and let everyone know about our concert! Also, the banner currently adorning the top of our homepage is also courtesy of Hex Warrior. Find all the info about the Level Up! concert by following this link.

Biggest News Ever! [Number 2] Level Up! Concert

As you all know, our first article of "huge news" was the announcement of our compilation CD. Just a reminder, this will be releasing on June 2nd. But what's the best way to release a CD with tons of amazing bands? Why, to have a concert with tons of amazing bands, of course!

That's right, GM4A presents Level Up! And we have a total of 5 bands to rock our socks off. The official bands for the concert are:
Two Playa Game
8 Bit Bandit
Super Barrio Brothers
The Megas

The concert will be held at CIA in North Hollywood.
11334 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, CA
Phone number:

The doors will open at 8pm and the first band will start at 8:30pm. Tickets are $10 and this is an ALL AGES event!

As an added bonus to those attending, the CD will have a special "release" price only available on the night of the release at the concert. (Price TBD)

And not only do you get to rock out to some of your favorite bands, but you also get to rock out AS some of your favorite bands. We're going to be having a Guitar Hero II contest! There will be prizes, but don't be surprised if you have to battle members of GM4A to earn them!

So there you have it. CD release, 5 amazing bands, Guitar Hero II contest, what could be better?
Mark it on your calendars now! June 2nd, 8pm, CIA in North Hollywood.

Invite all of your friends because it's going to be a rockin' time.

GM4A presents Level Up!