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It may not be a multiple of five, but it is still the Dreamcast's birthday dammit. This episode is dedicated to the legend of Sega. I speak, at length, about the legacy of Sega's Puyo Puyo franchise, and list off my all time favorite Dreamcast games. I also bump some amazing Sega themed jams by Spiegz, Urban Flow, Two Playa Game, and Marcus & Rome. 

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Dreamcast vaporwave Pleasant Specter OST by Kobayashi Yamato


Kobayashi Yamato was the composer for a Dreamcast title Pleasant Specter, expected to launch sometime in 2000. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled due to disagreements with the game's financial backers, and the game was lost to the ether. 

The strangely nostalgic soundtrack of the game lives on though, thanks to Yamato self publishing the tracks via bandcamp as the Pleasant Specter OST. The album has an upbeat vibe reminiscent of Sega Dreamcast and arcade games of that era. 

This album also marks the first time I have heard the term 'vaporwave' and I am more than happy to absorb that into my music writing vernacular.

Listen to Level 3 Stage 0: Virtual City by Kobayashi Yamato

Dreamcast music released in the year 2014? Absolutely!

This is a track from Kobayashi Yamato from the unreleased Dreamcast game Pleasant Specter. The vaporware nature of the music gives it a certain haunting feeling even amidst the happy tones and movements.