Lame Genie goes boss rush mode in VG metal album, 'Who's the Boss (Battlles)'

One more battle. 

Man I am dying to have that video game metal podcast. SOMEDAY! Until then, I just have to be content about merely writing articles about incredible VG metal like the latest jams from Lame Genie. Nothing but boss battles from the most intense bosses from the most classic games. FFVI, Super Mario RPG, TMNT, a personal all time favorite Kirby Super Star theme, and more are featured in this 6 track EP all for free download!

Ladies and gentlemen,
We proudly present to you our new EP Who’s the Boss? (Battles). Free for streaming and name your price for download!
Enjoy! (And please share!!)
— Lame Genie

The Bystanders play Kirby Super Star

Take a trip to Popstar with me

Highlights from our live stream of Kirby Super Star.
Watch us on Twitch:

In honor of Iwata and the legacy he left behind, I'll be playing through some classic Iwata related games with my classic game ignorant pal Frank (who is also my co-host on The Bystanders Podcast).

First up is the HAL developed SNES game, Kirby Super Star! We take on Spring Breeze, with a goal of getting 100% completion. For Iwata!

Check out the Pokérus VGM - Infection #03 album art by Mikoto-chan


I have to take a moment to share the incredible artwork by Mikoto-Chan for the latest Pokérus album. I'm a huge fan of Marx from Kirby Super Star, so I'm glad to see his cameo here. Tthis artwork definitely has me hankering to go 100% again in that game. 

Watch out for my upcoming review of Infection #03 by Pokérus tomorrow.