Watch The Kirby's Avalanche Challenge ep 01: featuring music by Urban Flow

I begin the long journey towards becoming a puyo master while jamming to Urban Flow's latest album, Melodic Bumps 4. The album gets cut a bit short due to some technical difficulties, but I plan for this series to continue so long as there is new music to bump! So be prepared for the bass, and the puyo blobs to drop.

Take a drink: Megalixir debut album mini review


For headbanging VG remixes, inquire within this album. Right from the jump, the wall of sound crashes against my eardrums as my face is rocked by the outer space metal of the NES classic Ducktales "Moon theme".

After some damn fine double bass pedal, balls to the wall metal in "Blackthorne" and "Moves" comes a soft, laid back rendition of music from the most underrated game in existence in every aspect, Kirby's Avalanche. Just as I am lulled into a sense of complacency with this track, the group bursts forth with a ton of energy, morphing the nostalgic tones into a cascade of drum crashes and wailing guitars. This track is easily one of my favorite live renditions of any song ever. Live double pedal drums? Obscure video games? It's like a feast for my ears and my brain. 

As if this band had to do anything more to get into my good graces, they also choose to end their album with a faded out, drum driven remix of "Tal Tal Heights" from The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening (GB). This finale hits all the perfect notes for a closing track, and is the perfect motivation to hit play on this album again.

What is even more mind blowing, is that this album is free to download. Grab the album free on the Megalixir bandcamp page.

Listen to a heavy metal remix of Kirby's Avalanche by Megalixir

Have my dreams become reality? It's about damn time I hear a remix from quite possibly the most underrated game, series, puzzler, and many other things, Kirby's Avalanche (AKA Puyo Puyo)! 

I've been a hardcore Puyo fan ever since the reskinned Kirby's Avalanche debuted on the SNES nearly 20 years ago, and I am very glad to hear one of the many wonderful themes get the loving and epic remix it deserves. Thanks to Megalixir for making a VGM dream come true. I plan to have a complete review on the full Megalixir album soon, so stay tuned, or bookmark the Megalixir tag, or something!