The soaring sounds of adventure in Phenomenal Star-Force by Tekkaxe

The soaring sounds of adventure in Phenomenal Star-Force by Tekkaxe

Talk about a wonderful surprise of an album. If there is a game series I love for it's infectious, upbeat arrangements, it's definitely the Kirby games. Tekkaxe channels his inner Jun Ishikawa & Hirokazu Ando along with a touch of super hero lore, and uses that power to create an adventurous and eclectic album. Too bad this isn't a video game, now I'm a little bummed. This album will cheer me right up though, so I'm going to listen again!

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Kirby's Liberation Service, an electronic Kirby Super Star tribute EP by DaMonz

Kirby's Liberation Service, an electronic Kirby Super Star tribute EP by DaMonz

An intense dive into the music of Kirby Super Star. Jun Ishikawa became an instant favorite game composer thanks to his work on this classic Kirby game. DaMonz throws down a short but intense EP, taking on a variety of classic themes, most of which appear in the ten minute epic, Fluffball Rampage! With an awesome title track like that, I imagine the US release of this Roxanne Chartrand artwork will get the 'angry eyes'

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Watch The Kirby's Avalanche Challenge ep 01: featuring music by Urban Flow

I begin the long journey towards becoming a puyo master while jamming to Urban Flow's latest album, Melodic Bumps 4. The album gets cut a bit short due to some technical difficulties, but I plan for this series to continue so long as there is new music to bump! So be prepared for the bass, and the puyo blobs to drop.

Listen to a heavy metal remix of Kirby's Avalanche by Megalixir

Have my dreams become reality? It's about damn time I hear a remix from quite possibly the most underrated game, series, puzzler, and many other things, Kirby's Avalanche (AKA Puyo Puyo)! 

I've been a hardcore Puyo fan ever since the reskinned Kirby's Avalanche debuted on the SNES nearly 20 years ago, and I am very glad to hear one of the many wonderful themes get the loving and epic remix it deserves. Thanks to Megalixir for making a VGM dream come true. I plan to have a complete review on the full Megalixir album soon, so stay tuned, or bookmark the Megalixir tag, or something!

Listen to bumping Smash Bros beat "Dreamland (Singularity & Mutrix Remix)"

Some Kirby based beats by way of Super Smash Bros.

Listen to this hot fusion from the remix duo of Singularity and Mutrix, setting fire to this classic track with a little help from the participants of Smash Bros.

Listen to heavy metal Kirby remix Year 3 by Dethraxx

The cutest pink puffball known to humanity just got metal as fuck. Dethraxx lays down an intense heavy metal rendition of Gourmet Race from the SNES (and now 3DS) classic Kirby Super Star.

Head bang, which for Kirby, means his entire body, to this.

MissingNo release self-titled debut EP


Only four tracks and MissingNo, an up-and-coming band straight out of Vancouver, are already working their way into my jaded cold heart. Soulful renditions of video game standards such as Ducktale's The Moon and Donkey Kong Country 2's Stickerbrush Symphony are simply moving. What really hits this four track EP out of the park is the beautiful and evocative jazz blues somberly flowing on possibly one of my favorite video game tracks of all time, the criminally underrated Meta Knight's Revenge from Kirby Superstar.

MissingNo are also seeking to finish up their full-length debut album, and can use your help to reach that goal. Be sure to check out their indiegogo fundraising page for more details.

MC Larny - Project Nightmare: Pink Monday album release

MC Larny with a Monday you can look forward to. Electorized, glitched, and dubbed  is how Kirby gets on Pink Monday. MC Larny brings crashing drums and heavy mixes to the table in his most recent Project Nightmare release.

Expect me to talk quite a bit about MC Larny, since he has an unbelievable wealth of albums. I have begun to check them out, and all great so far. All great.

Kirby Super Star compilation project announced!

Great musician and friend of the website, Lucas Park, has recently set to work on a compilation project for one of my favorite games ever, Kirby Super Star! Looks like GM4A will be hosting this compilation with help from Hotdog Storm. Here's the official press release! I say definitely join up!

"Kirby's Super Star Compilation!

Come one, come all. It's a tribute to one of the greatest SNES games ever! Have you ever felt yourself playing this game and wonder, "Man, this song would sound great remixed!" or "Oh Man, I have a sweet cover idea for this song!"

Well now you have your chance to do so and to be on a compilation album while you're at it!

I'm looking for all sorts of music from Rock, to Dance, to Nerdcore! you name it, I want it! I want this album to be completely diverse!

Most of all though, I want you to have fun with this compilation! Do something wild, add something original to it, make the track fresh! With this in mind, you can create anything you could want in your wildest dreams. The point of this album is to surprise and recreate the moments that made this game such a classic!

With enough persuasion, we may also have a B-Side with general Kirby Music, but for now, Kirby's Super Star is our main focus!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me (Lucas) at dpk4 AT mac DOT com, my myspace page, or the GM4A forums (Check under the hosted projects, Lucas Park's Kirby's Super Star Compilation) and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you and I hope to hear from many of you soon!"

Dwelling of Duels - Kirby Month results

I've been looking forward to this one for a while. The Kirby month for Dwelling of Duels has come to a close. Plenty of sweet Kirby goodness to be had now, with a total of 20 songs to check out. Not familiar with Dwelling of Duels, then check the rules here .

Anyway, I am glad to announce the winners here! Looks like my favorite, Thanks For The Help, Knuckle Joe!, tied for first, not bad!

#1 Kirby Superstar - Thanks For The Help, Knuckle Joe! - 26 votes
#1 Kirby's Dreamland 2 (Gameboy) - Puffball Promenade - 26 votes
#3 Kirby's Adventure - Roy G Ambivalence - 22 votes
#4 Medley - Pink Like a Bubble Gum - 17 votes
#5 Kirby's Adventure - Smooth Like Butter - 16 votes
#5 Kirby Superstar - Save Cabin Getaway - 16 votes
#7 Kirby 64 - Baby Blue Toque - 12 votes
#8 Kirby Superstar - Gourmet Race of a Thousand Flames - 7 votes
#9 Kirby - Kirby's Nightmare - 4 votes
#9 Kirby's Adventure - OMG U SUXX - 4 votes
Total votes: 150

So be sure to check out and download all the songs on the February DoD page! Definitely some gems here for a game that I feel doesn't get covered enough! Also great job by all the folks who entered, be sure to send some love their way!

Also, everyone get equipped to enter the March battle, Sci-fi month!

I (Anthony) Return

Not having internet is like being in a coma. But none of that now! Firstly, I sincerely apologize to everyone for not updating and falling behind on news, updates, etc. Secondly, The utmost thanks to Jephso for continuing to update the sight in my absence, I can not thank him enough for the help!

So anyway, I won't be able to update every day like I strove for in the past (at least not yet). but I will definitely be posting regularly again! I have a couple of reviews coming up, some great interviews from my good pal Dot.AY that I have been meaning to post, as well as a few other ideas and such. Finally we also got a new "Tip Line" up in the top right for you folks to send your VGM tips to us, so we can get the news to the people posthaste! And as an apology gift I give you this fan-made video I made for Entertainment System's song Kirby's Dreamland 3

Also, thanks to all our readers, fans, and friends who make this website a continued success, despite my constant blunders!