K-Murdock returns with Hero Muzik Vol. II, an album of video game hip hop

The Hero returns! K-Murdock is back with a crew of the best emcees in nerdcore and underground hip hop. Readers of this blog will be familiar with names like Sammus, Mega Ran, and SkyBlew, and should come to know names like EyeQ, Kadesh Flow, and the rest of the artists on Hero Muzik Vol II.

I hit play and Murdock is already killing it with those stereo CT sounds, changed up just enough to get your head nodding. That beat flows through the entire album. Layered underneath some great verses from incredible emcees like Sammus, Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, and so many more. This is not an album to be slept on. Don't shut down like robo and let hundreds of years pass before you get down to this album.

Hero Muzik 2 is the second installment of K-Murdock’s “Hero Muzik” series which features K remixing music from his favorite role-playing games growing up; Volume 2 focuses on the ever-present SNES classic RPG Chrono Trigger. This album was a labor of love that took K over 2 years to complete and it was initially intended, like its predecessor, to be an instrumental album, BUT at the advice of his business partner/frequent collaborator Mega Ran, Hero Muzik 2 turned into a full-scale production project that prominently features various artists from the Nerdy People Of Color Collective (NPCC), which Ran & K are members of as well. Though this album boasts an assortment of features, much like the diverse cast of characters in the actual game, the underlying goal in Hero Muzik 2 is showcasing the breadth of amazing music from Chrono Trigger, which composers Yasunori Mitsuda & Nobuo Uematsu originally created, via K putting his signature “neo-sonic” touch on!

Feel free to check out/revisit Hero Muzik Vol. 1 at: neosonix.bandcamp.com/album/hero-muzik-vol-1
— K-Murdock

An Hobbes - Diaries of a Space Cadet album release

Space is always important. I for one hope we continue to explore space, so that our descendants can rap about life in the slums of Saturn. An Hobbes tears open a window into this future in his Diaries of a Space Cadet. Half rap album, half classic radio drama.

Got to mention K-Murdock, producing the beats for my two favorite tracks on the album, Best Served Cold and the Trigun inspired Planet Gunsmoke.

@AnHobbes has also made this album pay what you want all this weekend!


Mega Ran's Forever Famicom on vinyl and DVD, with your help

That's right, Mega Ran and K-Murdock's collaboration album Forever Famicom is not just an album anymore, but a full fledged story thanks to Griff Morivan. You just witnessed part one up above you, and you can check out part two already as well!

Will there be more though? This is where you come in as a loyal Mega Ran fan. Looks like Random has started a kickstarter fundraiser to bring both the Forever Famicom movie to DVD, as well as the FF album to vinyl for all the record collectors amongst you. The clock is ticking though, as Ran has given us less than a month to raise the necessary 2,500 bucks to make this dream a reality. As with all Kickstarter drives though, there are plenty of amazing incentives for those with deep pockets. Starting from a simple $10 for the Forever Famicom album, and posters, all the way to the highest donation, which gives you the power to request Random and K-Murdock sample and flow over any game you choose! Portal? UN Squadron? Barbie's Horse Adventures? For the price of $250 any of it is possible.

West Coast Wigout 2 only 1 week away!


Yup, one week away from a huge all star night of video game inspired music. So for those who are not up to speed or need some more info, or persuading to come on out, here is the rundown. June 15th at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA there is going to be an epic night of video game rock, jazz, hip hop, and chiptunes! We call it West Coast Wigout 2!

It's a full night dedicated to some of the best in video game inspired music!

Full info about the concert through here.

Who's playing? Check out this list!

A_Rival (San Francisco, CA) – rivalrivalrival.bandcamp.com

The Megas (Los Angeles, CA) – themegas.com

Random AKA Mega Ran W/ K-Murdock (Phoenix, AZ) – megaran.com

WizWars (Los Angeles, CA) – myspace.com/wizwars

EvilWezil (Los Angeles, CA) – myspace.com/evilwezil

Tanuki Suit Riot (Los Angeles, CA) – tanukisuitriot.com

Quarter Circle Jab (Fresno, CA) - myspace.com/qtrcirclejab

You might recognize A_Rival better as OCReMix artist AE who remixed the classic SF2 title music as Clamato Fever in SF2THDR. Well guess what, he raps about video games too, and you better believe his raps are as epic as his remixes!

If you read GM4A then you already know who The Megas and Random AKA Mega Ran are. If you don't know though, I think their names give enough of a hint at what they are all about. The Megas tell a tale of a man, a mega man, in rock n roll fashion. While Mega Ran on the other hand raps from multiple perspectives and about every gaming topic under the sun and then some!

EvilWezil and Wizwars are two amazing chiptune artists who perform not with a guitar, or vocals, but armed only with their respective Gameboys to rock things chiptune style.

Finally the last block of awesomeness is the amazing VG jazz group Tanuki Suit Riot who jams out to everything from Zelda, to Mega Man X, to F-Zero. Last but not least is Quarter Circle Jab, who have been around for years but are gaining much more notoriety thanks to their debut release kickbutt.exe (free download). Yup, that album includes some more great SF2 music, as well as other great games like Final Fantasy and Earthbound.

So this will definitely be some night to remember!

Once again more info through this link.

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 5/31 - 6/6

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Much like last weeks comic, this one is also quite appropriate, since last week I felt pretty hungry at least several times, and once for pizza even. There is no real segue to plug this but I will anyway. WEST COAST WIGOUT 2. If you are in Los Angeles around E3 time then check out the show info through this link. If you missed the news last week, like our name, we have hit four years of VG inspired music news. We continue that tradition today, as we have got some news, some video, and some sweet new tunes for you.

Random & K-Murdock - Forever Famicom album release

It is finally June 1st, and you know what that means! The highly anticipated album from Random AKA Mega Ran and producer K-Murdock is finally available. Forever Famicom is 14 songs of incredible and fresh nerdcore rap over some of the best (and often more obscure) video game beats I have yet to hear.

From Earthbound, to Chrono Trigger, the album covers a bit of everything from the NES and SNES days, and not just as fan service. K-Murdock seems to have chosen the best songs, despite their obscurity or fame, to create amazing hip hop beats with, and work seamlessly with Random's various rap styles which show up on this album. K-Murdock's beats take on a ton of various styles like the rocking Chrono Trigger track Epoch or the upbeat nostalgia in the Little Nemo beat flowing through the track Dream Master.

Of course Random lays down the rhymes. He touches on autobiographical incidents in Dream Master, and, of course, what it's like to be a gamer in this day and age with the jaded gamer anthem Drop The Load. The latter track listens like a list of complaints that game developers in this day and age could really take heed of. And seeing how I have complained about many similar things as well, this is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album. We also have to stop back at the track Epoch, which lays down a rocking remix of Chrono Trigger beneath an intense, reference heavy set of rhymes that I think would make a fantastic music video (hear that Ran?).

On the lyrical side we also hear from two other heavyweight nerdcore rappers in int80 of Dual Core, and Schaffer The Darklord in the laid back anthem For The Gamers, which is another amazing track on an album full of nothing less than stellar tunes. This track ends with a fantastic shout out from Random to a ton of classic games which shows off both his gaming knowledge and rap skill in one quick attack.

This is only touching on the album as well, expect a fuller review of the album soon, until then, give the album your own listen and of course grab your copy through this link (or physical copy via this link). I thoroughly recommend grabbing this album, not to mention seeing Mega Ran and K-Murdock live this June 15th in Los Angeles at West Coast Wigout 2!

Mega Ran unveils first singles from Forever Famicom: Dream Master​/​Epoch (Double​-​Single) release

Looks like Mega Ran, alongside producer K-Murdock have finally released the first, and long awaited tracks from their upcoming project Forever Famicom. Better yet, they have released these two tracks for free download! So head right over to the double single Bandcamp page and grab both songs now!

First we hear a laid back autobiographical cut laid atop some nice Little Nemo based beats called Dream Master. This is followed up by the amazing Chrono Trigger tribute where Mega Ran drops line after line of video games and other nerdy references with tons of energy. This track goes by Epoch and is definitely an incredible track, and definitely hope I get to hear it live at some point. These tracks definitely show the varied skills of Mega Ran and producer K-Murdock, and raise the anticipation for Forever Famicom to a whole new level.

Also don't forget that Mega Ran has also released two new Mega Ran 10 singles for a dollar each over at the Mega Ran 10 Bandcamp page.

And finally, he is also playing alongside MC Frontalot tomorrow night at the Viper Room in Los Angeles (details here), so do not miss that either!