The calories keep adding up with JUNK FOOD's Gourmet Deluxe Vol. 2 mixtape

Another helping won't hurt

I was a fan of the original Gourmet Deluxe, so I have to bump this super sized sequel.

Junk Food delivers a sweet mix for us as the second installment of his GOURMET DELUXE series. Enjoy and keep up with everything Junk Food does

Junk food drops Gourmet Deluxe mixtape of video game beats and jams

Intense video game based beats

As I bump this album, I feel like I have privileged knowledge, since this gripping mix of video games, chillwave, and hip hop just to scratch the surface, is hovering just below 1000 plays. By the time this article goes live, I hope to view the track list Junk Food is teasing once it breaks that 1K threshold. 

*~*~*~[PRESS START] ~*~*~*

These are some of my favorite tracks that I’ve been rinsing out at the moment, hope you play this loud af.
Shouts out to everyone featured in this mix!

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— Junk Food