Check out Juice Lee and his latest album The Reverie

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Juice Lee lays it down old school with those beats and it's kicking my ass. Review coming at some point for sure.

Current Favorite tracks: Lightning Strikes Twice, Con-Soul

He included lyrics! Oh damn that makes this the best nerdy hip hop album of 2015 for me so far!

Juice Lee (born Fred McKinstry) is a nerdcore Hip Hop artist hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio.  His in-depth storytelling and near-limitless comic book and gaming references, wrapped inside intricate wordplay, evoke images of a lyrical Superhero. When not steeped in the realm of RPG’s and comic book characters, his lyrics are drawn from real experiences of the average working-class person rather than fabricated images of success. A gamer who performs and rhymes with his game face on, Juice Lee's nice-guy nerd sensibilities and intelligence flow seamlessly into his stellar lyrical prowess and inviting stage presence.
Juice has been active in his local hip hop scene since 2002. He independently released three solo efforts, the most recent being the “The Reverie” EP (2014). Juice has also played in a number of venues across the US, such as Riverbend (Cincinnati), the Shadow Lounge(Pittsburgh), and the Airliner Bar (L.A.). He has also performed in various music festivals across the country, such as the Vans Warped Tour and All Points West. Juice is currently working on his next project, a follow-up to the Kung-Fu Rap opera “The Epic of John Fong,” which he is targeting for a Spring 2015 release. He also has collaborated with Ilyas (formerly of Tanya Morgan) in creating a nerdcore album entitled “Double Dragon.” In addition to playing on the same stages as nerdcore acts such as Mega Ran, SkyBlew, and D&D Sluggers, he has also opened for numerous mainstream Hip Hop acts, including The Roots, Aceyalone and Talib Kweli. Juice is also a VFX artist who ishot and edited a special effects-heavy vlog. When he’s not rapping, he runs a weekly geekly podcast, “Darkfyre Entertainment,” with co-hosts Nyte and Leago.
Juice Lee heralds his hip-hop-high-score raps as beacons of hope for all rhymeplayers. Game Over.
Check out the latest release "The Reverie" here:
Also the Epic Retro gaming LP with rapper I-EL entitled “Double Dragon”
more music can be found here: