Listen to International Dub Ambassadors live performance of Donkey Kong Country's Main Theme

One of my favorite groups, the International Dub Ambassadors, are so for the reason of this very song. An incredible live rendition of the memorable and beloved music of the original Donkey Kong Country. Nothing quite had the impact of the very first DKC game.

Once Cranky gets it with the bomb barrel, my whole childhood changed.

Listen to International Dub Ambassadors - Street Fighter II Title Screen


Big band jazz rendition of the very familiar opening theme to Street Fighter II. Hope this track from back in February is just a small taste of another forthcoming album. My mind always salivates at the thought of more International Dub Ambassadors.

International Dub Ambassadors - The Return Of The Curse Of The Creature's Ghost (bootleg)

This band is a testament to making sure I check my emails more thoroughly. International Dub Ambassadors are a collection of folks from Puerto Rico playing some amazing live arrangements of classic NES and SNES tunes. With big band rearrangements of Contra, Super Mario World, and F-Zero it is tough to choose a favorite. Luckily I don't have to decide because the entire The Return Of The Curse Of The Creature's Ghost (bootleg) can be downloaded free of charge.

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