iqtu - Rollie Poley Years EP release

Imagine taking all the serious business of preschool playground activities, now imagine adding a soundtrack to that. Where you would end up is probably pretty close to the new album Rollie Poley Years by iqtu. The 9 song EP is 15 minutes of relaxing melodies and smooth sounds. I could best describe the EP as nostalgic dreaming music. The songs move quickly between one another and the soft notes definitely give you that reminiscing feeling. Also, this one is especially a great album to listen to while writing I must say (since I am listening to it as I type this)! Definitely head over to Pause right now and grab this album, then just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

IQTU - Embarrassing Triangle album release

I am just going to let the creator speak for the amazing album Embarrassing Triangle. For two reasons. One, I couldn't say it any better, and two, I'm lazy. Just go download this amazing new release by IQTU from the ever amazing II (pause) netlabel for free!

Ecstatic yet laced with irony, Embarrassing Triangle is a lush album that sparkles, twists, and grooves. Thick layers of synths converge over the pliable chords and melodies, while puttering drums and thick bass hold down the constantly evolving grooves. These songs are more developed than iqtu’s previous work, and the album resonates with the flavor of triumph and experimentation.

01 lemme
02 embarrassing triangle
03 aiken
04 endotrophic bulbs
05 toast for life
06 lost and gone forever
07 mack the knife
08 oh joyful day
09 pink poetry
10 starbright
11 marshmallow magic
12 ecoleph
13 you cramp my style