Genesis inspired techno in Sega System by Potential differenSe

Fall into a world of FM chip based techno, IDM, and more with Sega system by Potential differenSe and DETROIT UNDERGROUND

The specificity of this Ep is that 90% of the samples are from Sega™ mega drive 16 bit console.

The man behind the music project is a musician / programmer from Saint Petersburg in Russia, active for many years already, releasing on several net labels like Nenormalizm, SKRM ,Phonocake and others as well as via self promotion on Bandcamp.Starting in 2008 was released official remix on Xestatic’s “tlc” as Ivan L. at Ninja tune.

Album design by eBoy™

Intense IDM remixes of classic boss themes in Beat The Boss: Remixes, available free from Atavistic Spasm Records

Chiptune techno electronic IDM boss battle

12 artists remix, reinterpret and cover their favourite video game Boss Battle themes! We hope you’ll enjoy!
Thanks to all the artists for volunteering these wonderful tracks, and thanks to all the original composers of these pieces for sharing your talents with the world and ultimately inspiring us all!
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— Atavistic Spasm Records