Super I Am 8 Bit returns August 11th in Los Angeles with over 100 artists, performances by DJ R-Rated, A_Rival, and Leeni

If you are anywhere near Los Angeles, or can get here by August 11th without leaving too many ruined lives in your wake, then make sure to not miss out on the return, and upgrading of I Am 8 Bit to the Super I Am 8 Bit art show. The use of the word 'Super' is not being taken lightly either. Along with the first new show in a few years, they return with a brand new book release. The show itself is planned to feature the work of over a hundred artists, all of which will be on display in a spacious new venue.

The gallery will run from August 11th on through September 10th, but only opening night will host sure to be amazing performances by chiptune musician and singer Leeni, and chip-hop lyricist A_Rival. While getting nostalgiac as you walk the gallery, DJ R-Rated will be spinning some classic video game inspired mixes to get you in that gaming mood. Finally, no video game tribute could be complete without some interactive art, which will be on display opening night as well, such as an enormous "arcade cabinet" (their qotations, not mine.) and a retro hack for Kinect.

Jab, Strong, Fierce! Street Fighter Art Show opening

This past weekend I had the chance to head out to Gallery Nucleus for the opening of Jab, Strong, Fierce, which is the title of the recent Street Fighter tribute art show put together by I Am 8-Bit and Capcom to celebrate nearly two decades of Street Fighter greatness. There was plenty of awesome art on hand, raffles, a cosplay contest, live music (sadly no SF2HDRemix tunes though), an EVO sponsored Street Fighter 4 tournament, and more! I even ran into my good pals at (I even helped record a segment with them, no idea when and where that will be posted though) and had a chance to meet the man behind I am 8-Bit. Of course I took plenty of photos from the show. You can check out some of my favorites below, and check out all the art and fun from the show through my photobucket.

It was a great time of course, and you can check out the exhibit yourself by heading down to Gallery Nucleus before May 11th when the show will come to a close.

I Am 8 Bit art show August 14th in Hollywood, California

August 14th is the date, and World of Wonder storefront is the place for the fourth and biggest year yet for the I Am 8 Bit Art Show.

Hundreds of artists, video game fans, and art aficionados converge to check out some amazing paintings, sculptures and more, and of course have a great time with some great music! This year we are going to be art critiquing to the sounds of DJ R-Rated and Computer Jay.

Check the flyer above or hit up the official I Am 8 Bit Art Show website for full details on the event. This year the gallery runs until September 7th, but it is all about the opening night of course! I may be in attendance, so hope to see you there!

The Way to be Eight-Bit

Japanese artist and chiptune musician Plamo has just started up a brand new english blog known as The Way to be Eight-Bit. His new blog is dedicated to him talking about his everday things such as his clay artwork (some of which you can see on this post or at his japanese site), music, video games, and other things he deems noteworthy.

Plamo is also one of many artists being featured at this years I am 8-Bit art show being held in Los Angeles April 17 through May 12 at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight.

Be sure to check out his new blog at and give him some feedback on all his endeavors!