4 Years of GM4A With Z. of Hipster, Please!

As stated last week, this here site has turned four years old, and with that we are having a bit of a blogger party this month to celebrate. Kicking off the festivities is a fellow I have looked up to for some time, fellow blogger, and the wise sage of nerd culture, Z. of Hipster, Please!. His writing and work ethic, not to mention his love of everything nerdy has been a huge inspiration to me over the years and I am happy to have him doing this short guest article for GM4A. So enough of my rambling, here's Z!

Long ago I made peace with the fact that, as a self-appointed apostle of the nerdy gospel, I am forever doomed to repeat my own philosophical thesis. My own social mission statement. My own nerd culture catch phrase. For those of you keeping score at home, it goes something like this:

We are freaks and geeks and gamers and misfits. We are different, but that doesn't mean we're flawed. We are individuals, but that doesn't mean we have to be alone.

In April of 2006, I made the conscious effort to reinvent Hipster, please!, a blog that I'd used to collect nothing more than various unrelated personal musings up to that point, into a cohesive project focusing on nerd music and its related culture. My core concept was to paint disparate elements like nerdcore and chiptunes and tabletop RPGs and sci-fi/fantasy lit and, yes, even videogames as part of a larger schema in the hopes that it might help those interested in one aspect easily explore the others, and, along the way, promote proper geek unity. Interestingly enough, even as I sermonized on the preternatural strength of solidarity, it often felt in those early days that I myself was completely alone, particularly with regard to this endeavor itself.

The internet is a nerd-powered machine, so there have always been concentrated pockets of social geekery, even with regard to more niche topics like our music. But whereas projects like OverClocked ReMix and Rhyme Torrents were fan communities where artists shared work with other artists, I was merely an outsider. I was an external observer. And I was lonely.

Thankfully, on the other side of the country a young man was simultaneously launching a similar venture, a site with a heavy focus on not just the importance of videogame music to our culture but a veritable celebration of the undeniably inspirational force that is gamer history.

You could say that my own Hipster, please! and Game Music 4 All grew up together as sister sites, as siblings. It then serves to reason that there would be a certain amount of rivalry between the two, but that's never been the case. From time to time we do touch on the same subjects at the same time, but we always seem to come at things from our own unique angles. And more often than not, Anthony (AKA: Genoboost) and the GM4A crew turn me on to acts and events that I may have otherwise missed. I can only hope I do the same for them.

Our mission is the same and our methods are uncannily similar, but it never feels like competition. It feels like fraternity. It feels like family.

From the early days of simple reviews and interview posts, throughout the release of some undeniable classics in the realm of online music compilations and even into this brave new world of GM4A Records, this site has made its own indelible mark on nerd music and culture. Likewise, for four solid years Game Music 4 All has remained one of those blogs I read not simply because it helps me stay on top of the goings-on the realms of VGM and chiptunes, but because I genuinely enjoy the unpretentious tone and unbridled creativity of its writing staff.

It's with this in mind that I say Happy Blogiversary to my extended family: Geno, Jephso, Chibi Ma and all the rest at GM4A. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, in the loop and, most importantly, for sharing with me this wondrous journey.

I love you guys! - Z.

Thanks again to Z. for being completely awesome, and stay tuned for the rest of the month, as we have more awesome bloggers celebrating as well!

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 1/25 – 1/31

Another productive week comes to an end. Not to mention a ton of great albums discussed this week like The Smash Brothers and little-scale (who also happened to win artist of the year over at TCTD). Up above we have some amazing piece 'Super Smash Bros Brawl' by speedking, who you may remember as the artist for Temp Sound Solutions' Now Your Playing With Powar 7. So be sure to check out some more of his great VG inspired work as well! Now the news!



REMIXES Latest Remix:ThaSauce releases

Latest OCReMix releases

Other singles and releases

VIDEO This weeks video is courtesy of iPhone developer Tag Games who recently announced their newest app, B-Boy Beats. This game will feature a list of nerdcore artists the likes of MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, Id Obelus, Ultraklystron, Rai and Magitek. You can read a preview of the game via iPhone Reviews and it seems the game will be released sometime in February. Check out the trailer below featuring one of my favorite songs by the experimental nerdcore hip hop groups Magitek.

Remember to leave a comment with awesome articles, songs, videos, art, etc. for next weeks round up as well!

Hipster-Free Singles Club Vol. 1 release

The ever hard working nerdcore blogging hero Z. from Hipster, Please! has unveiled his latest secret effort, known as the Hipster-Free Singles Club. Volume 1 of this effort brings us three very catchy tunes. The first track is the Famicom J-rock stylings of Hidari with their song ChocolaTommy . Next up is GM4A favorites, the NES powered rock of I Fight Dragons with the track The Faster The Treadmill... from their recently released Cool is Just a Number EP.

Where this three track single album takes an amazing turn though is thanks to Snake Eyes and his amazing mash up, remix, whatever of both of the previous songs to make the wildly catchy and amazing final track Chocolate Treadmill. So even if you own the original tracks from these amazing artists, the final remix track is more than worth the download! I definitely have to say I hope Z. has many more of these awesome singles in the pipeline!

One more thing. Definitely have to mention the amazing artwork by Dave "The Knave" White. Well done sir!

GeekDad HipTrax

If you're on the lookout for a new nerdy music podcast to add to your subscription list (and who isn't?) why not give GeekDad HipTrax a shot? Hosted by Z. of Hipster, please! and Ken Denmead, the podcast is part of the Geekdad network, which is in turn part of Wired.com - ooh fancy. The show features all sorts of geeky music handpicked by Z. himself, and is a great way to pick up a few new favourite artists.

The latest show has an 'instrumental' theme with music from Atari artist, Army of 2600, jazz VGM cover band, The Runaway Five and nerdcore rapper, Antisoc. There's a whole backlog of episodes to check out as well as the show has been running for nearly a year now.

Get subscribing!

Antisoc - Anomalous Materials Laboratory album release

Wow am I late on this one! Anyway, better late than never, but amazing fellow Antisoc, whom I heard about from Z of Hipster, Please! fame released an album last year. Anomalous Materials Laboratory is that album and you can download it at antisocialrap.com/aml. And what an album it is! Sadly it passed under my radar when it was first released, so as an apology to Antisoc I am mentioning it here now in an attempt to reach those folks who may have also missed it the first time around.

A ton of amazing crazy electronic hip hop sampling nerdery abound in this album, and also tributes to and remixes of Half-Life. Not to mention the stand out track Lone Warrior, which has become a personal favorite and a bit of an anthem for me. This album is really well put together and flows from song to song nicely. Definitely recommended listening!

Hipster, Please! Old Nerdy Bastard compilation release

Man, oh man, oh man, oh man! Why am I so excited? Why because my good pal and the man I strive to be every day, Z. from Hipster, Please! has (finally) released his latest compilation! It goes by the creatively titled Old Nerdy Bastard, and can be downloaded FREE from Z's website!

Z has managed to wrangle some of the best names from all around the geeky music community's. From Wiz rockers The Whomping Willows, to some of my favorites from Nerdcore such as The Grammar Club and Dual Core. Plenty of other huge names as well like MC Frontalot, YTCracker, Optimus Rhyme and more. Folks I can only hope to get on one of my compilations some day.

Anyway, all those folks are remixing songs, or getting their songs remixed, there are some wonderful classics that you will no doubt enjoy all over again with new beats and rhythms. As well as songs you may have overlooked the first time out, just to be hit with them now like a sack of bricks. Musical bricks. Hard musical bricks.

Well as you have probably gathered by now, I can't praise Z. or this compilation enough! Major props go out to Z. and everyone that put together this album! Well done good sirs and ma'ams. Now go to Hipster, Please! and pick up this album! Not sure why you didn't go earlier, I've mostly just been rambling for a while now...

Z.'s nerdy Nerd Music description

I, as a fellow writer understand the need to go into extensive rants about how one feels about the things they love and respect (and thereby spend much time thinking about). Recently, Z. did just that, espousing a quite solid nerd music manifesto, that isn't too convoluted nor too brief. As both a fellow blogger and nerd music lover I respect how well he was able to build his words, as well as the fact that he's willing to put his view out there. Since all musical views can be quite controversial to some people. I'll probably be wearing his words on a shirt when I go to my next nerdcore outing.

Head over to Z's page at Hipster, Please! to read up on what I'm talking about, and add what you think in his comments section!

VGM Related Musical Cheer!

Just wanted to hit you folks with a few festive christmas links for thoes aching to hear holiday tunes, but can't pull yourself away from good old VG inspired music.

First off. 8 Bit Collective has a thread going with some great Christmas songs. Check that out through this link.

Next up, the Gamewave Podcast has put together their latest show, which is completely dedicated to the holidays as well. So head over to gamewavepodcast.com and grab their latest episode!

Speaking of excellent podcasts with holiday themes. Also be sure to check out Hipster Please's latest episode of Radio Free Hipster for some holiday nerdcore and more (that rhymes!).

DJ RoboRob has released a Christmas EP which is worth downloading, you can grab that over at his myspace page.

The Oneups made an excellent rendition of Mario and Christmas themes entitled Super Mario Sleigh Ride. You can download it for free off of The OneUps website.

Check out Animal Style's page for plenty of excellent Christmas chiptunes.

Speaking of Christmas chiptunes, Eric Chiptunes also has some holiday cheer on his Myspace page, so check that out as well.

Hope this helps you get in the holiday spirit! and maybe sneak a few of these songs in at any christmas parties you happen to be at!

Nerdcore Undercover

The good folks...folk...er...well Z. Our comrade in musical blog arms helped amass an epic stable of artists for Hipster, Please!' first compilation. The album, Nerdcore Undercover, has 19 awesome tracks from 19 incredible Nerdcore artists. Including quite a few of my personal favorites. If any album must be downloaded from the internet ever, it is most likely this one. So hurry up and download it! I dare say that I want Z's server crashed as soon as possible from all the downloads!

Top Ten Nerdcore Artists of All Time

As mentioned before, Hipster, Please! held open votes for the top ten nerdcore rappers ever. Z. has finally tallied up all the votes, and the results are in. Hurry up and head over to Hipster. Please! to read about the top ten greatest nerdcore MC's of all time. And like any great top ten list on the internet, be sure to flame the comments with how your favorite musician was not featured, not to mention blame it all on Z. and claim he rigged the votes. I'm heading over there myself to demand a recount for MPFM...

Who are your top ten favorite nerdcore artists?

That's the very question that Z. of Hipster, Please! is posing toward you. Z. is gathering votes to decide the Top 10 Nerdcore Artists of All Time! To cast your vote, just head over to this Hipster, Please! post and tell Z. your list of your ten favorite nerdcore rappers of ALL TIME in the comments below the blog post (or just select one top nerdcore rapper from among them all and let him know). Polls close this Wednesday, April 18th, so don't waste time, hurry up and vote!