Chiptune rock video game remixes by Zebes System in Music System 2

There is rock, there are strings, there is chiptunery. This album has everything. Allow Zebes System to install Music System 2 and hear sweeping arrangements of generations of video game music, including one of the best Moon Patrol covers I have ever rocked out to.

H.A. Sedda releases Dark Souls & Legend of Zelda inspired album Vignettes from Millennia

North Carolina musician H.A. Sedda drops a guitar driven experimental rock album full of catchy riffs and ominous sounds. The album, Vignettes from Millenia, is strongly influenced by the musical stylings found in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask as well as the game Dark Souls. That influence shines through clearly in the adventurous and ever shifting moods of the four tracks that comprise this EP length album.

The clear favorite for me is the clearly Majora's Mask inspired track, The Moon and Four Giants, but every song has a great feel to it. To me, very reminiscent of early Metroid Metal. Certainly hope to hear more from Sedda soon. 

R-Sunset releases Superhero EP

Pterodactyl Squad have just released the Superhero EP by 16-year old Russian artist, R-Sunset. If you like an F-Zero-esque mix of electronica and electric guitar head on over to the Squad and download this release for free!

Inspired by a love of Sega Mega Drive and Marvel comics, R-Sunset took the theme of superheroes as a basis for this EP. Electronica and electric guitar; pulsating beats and calm, chilled-out sequences; retro samples and glimpses of sounds of the future. The various contrasts here reflect the internal struggle between human and superhuman which every superhero must face.

  1. Beginning
  2. Retrospect
  3. Aerowave
  4. Stage 4
  5. Sunny Avenue
  6. City In Danger

Superhero EP release page

Test Subject released by Bit_Rat

Josiah Tobin, more commonly known as Bit-Rat by the chiptune community (and recently featured on this site for his contribution to this compilation), has just released his first full length album, Test Subject. Featuring a combination of old-school NES-style hooks and rocking guitar, the release also has guest appearances from Shawn Phase, Norrin Radd, and MC Fen. You can download individual tracks, or the whole thing for free over at the Bit_Rat website.

Nintendo DS Guitar Simulator

Recently released in Japan, Hiite Utaeru DS Guitar M-06 is not so much a game, but turns your DS into an acoustic guitar! Curious on how it works? Head over to Youtube to see a short video giving the game a review. The minus side however, there is no saving of any song you might create.

However, Ubisoft has picked up the American license for this game, and will be released in June of '07. The American version will contain a save feature, and will be under the title "Jam Session." This is great news for those musicians out there who might think of a quick tune on the go! Not to mention being able to play the DS at your next gig!