Celebrate 30 years of Gradius with this Gradius X Aretha Franklin mashup

Let Gradius free!

Today is the 30th anniversary of Gradius hitting arcades in Japan. I imagine this is the party theme when the Bacterions (or whatever the hell you fight in Gradius) are finally defeated. Although, considering that a new Gradius in nearly ten years, and I have a sneaking suspicion that Konami headquarters is actually just a large warehouse with bums living inside it, maybe this song is a cry to Konami to sell the rights to a good, loving company while they still can.

I had no idea Aretha Franklin was singing about an alien invasion. I hated sitting on this song. This song has everything. The R&B VGM mashup I've been dying for, not to mention the highly underutilized tunes from the Gradius series. This is the kind of track that gets me so hyped about running this blog. It hits the sweet spot of two of my passions, early 90's shmups and late 60's blues and rock & roll.

I have a lot of passions.

I don't even have a clue who created this strange but beautiful fusion, but it really feels like they had me in mind. 

Too bad the person who created this strange but wonderful mashup hadn't merely left this on the front porch of the internet before running off. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this mashup producer, please inform me.

Thanks for spending Gradius week with us! Share your favorite Gradius memories with us in the comments and on twitter or facebook!

Listen to piano medley of STG themes by Lakshmix

Gradius, Raiden, Darius, Ikaruga, and more

A wonderfully expansive collection of classic shmup tracks are performed in this adventurous piano medley.

Used machinery and materials「NP-30 and UA-4FX」

グラディウス Gradiusより「Free Flyer」
グラディウスⅢ GradiusⅢより「Dead end cell」
グラディウスⅢ GradiusⅢより「Cosmo Plant」
斑鳩 Ikarugaより「Chapter01 - 理想 - Ideal」
まもるクンは呪われてしまった! Mamorukun Curse!より「YO-KAI Disco」
雷電Ⅱ(雷電Ⅳ) RaidenⅡ(RaidenⅣ)より「Flap toward the hope」
雷電Ⅳ RaidenⅣ より「Advantageous development」
ウルフファング Wolffangより「Rohga」
それゆけ!ぶるにゃんマン Portable より「鳥になって -SuperRemix-」
ダライアスバースト DARIUSBURSTより「Good-bye my earth」
— lakshmix

Dwelling of Duels - Gradius Month Results

The very awesome and very interesting Gradius month has closed over at Dwelling of Duels. some fantastic entries to say the least, as well as one that sadly got zero votes, But so it goes in this rough world of VG remixing. Anyway, to the list of winners, which you can download through here.

CarboHydroM: Lifeforce - Desperate Chase
Mystic Wizard: Lifeforce - Pharoah Song
ansgaros: Lifeforce, Gradius 2 - Dangerous Territory
Hope Fails, Scaredsim: Gradius 3 - Declaration of War

Fifth place (tie) - dasaten: Lifeforce - Melodic Newt
Fifth place (tie) - Ryan8Bit: Gradius - The Viper Within
Seventh place - Harjawaldar: Gradius 2 - Join me in Space
Eighth place (tie) - Daniel Alm: Gradius - Shoot the Core!
Eighth place (tie) - Dr. Manhattan: Lifeforce - Spaceship 50
Tenth place (tie) - ryanisfootdrums: Lifeforce, Gradius 2 & 3 - Endless Infinity Darkness Mk. 2
Tenth place (tie) - TheoConfidor: Gradius 3, Unreal 2 - UnGradian
Twelfth place - Rasgar: Lifeforce - Tears of a Wayward Solider
Thirteenth place (tie) - Six-Stringed Flamberge: Gradius 3 - Meteor Storm
Thirteenth place (tie) - Skummel Maske: Gradius 3 - Stuck in the Crystal Maze
Fifteenth place (tie) - cacomistle: Lifeforce - Life Forts
Fifteenth place (tie) - tibone: Lifeforce - The Only End I'll Ever Got

Once again congratulations to the winners and to everyone else who competed this month! You can download all the tracks from this month's DoD for free as always at the Gradius Month page. And for those entering this month, June's duel is an epic battle of Boss VS Hero!

Dwelling of Duels - Free Month results

Another month over, and with it another Dwelling of Duels comes to a close. There is a cornucopia of stuff this month, as is the case with free month. Now to the winners!
Kadmium and Jim Grey: Final Fantasy 6 - Aria de Mezzo Carattere - 38 votes
Second Place (tie) - Danimal Cannon: 3D Pinball Space Cadet (PC) - Apparently This Game Has Music - 34 votes
Second Place (tie) - Scaredsim: Axelay - I Know You Can Beat That Spider - 34 votes

Fourth Place - Snappleman: Romancing SaGa 3 (SNES) - Four Noble Devils - 32 votes
Fifth Place - Dr. Manhattan: Dragon Fighter (NES) - There's a Dragon in My Yard! - 30 votes
Sixth Place - M-H: Legend of Mana - Sandwich Nova - 26 votes
Seventh Place - CarboHydroM: CarboHydroM - Sword of Hope - 23 votes
Eighth Place - Hope Fails: Lufia 2 - Last Chance - 21 votes
Ninth Place - Lizard: Sonic & Knuckles - Flying Battery Zone - 19 votes
Tenth Place - XMark: Portal (PC) - Still Alive - 18 votes
Eleventh Place - Haempling: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Aquatic Ruin - 16 votes
Twelfth Place - TheoConfidor: Willow - A Royal Catastrophe - 13 votes
Thirteenth Place (tie) - Cyril: Metroid Fusion - Kill the X - 10 votes
Thirteenth Place (tie) - Dhsu: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts - Boxer Shorts Rag - 10 votes
Fifteenth Place - Vegeroth: Lufia 2 - A Darker Beginning - 9 votes
Sixteenth Place - Mainline Rider: Altered Beast (Genesis) - A Full Moon in Hell - 6 votes
Seventeenth Place - Leinad and Yendor: Final Fantasy 6 - Flight of the Falcon - 5 votes
Eighteenth Place (tie) - Bucedric Nosnik Rionediamn: Journey to Silius - Following Footfalls - 4 votes
Eighteenth Place (tie) - Hydrasphere: Ninja Gaiden - Part 2 (medley) - 4 votes
Twentieth Place (tie) - Harjawaldar: Zelda: Link to the Past - Majestic Hills - 3 votes
Twentieth Place (tie) - Mitch Janzen: Mario Kart 64 - MK64 Ending Remix - 3 votes
Twentieth Place (tie) - tibone: Alex Kidd in Miracle World (SMS) - Reflection - 3 votes
Twenty-third Place (tie) - ryanisfootdrums: Earthbound - Onett Jam - 2 votes
Twenty-third Place (tie) - Six-Stringed Flamberge: Phantasmagoria of Flower View (PC) - Black Feather - 2 votes
Twenty-fifth Place - bjkmenu: Shadowgate - EPOR - 1 votes
Total votes: 366

Be sure to check it all out, and send some congratulations to the winners and participators at large! You can download all the songs of course at the DoD page for April 08. Also, I am insanely, and unbelievably excited for this month's contest. That contest? Why it's a classic of arcade shooting of course, say hello to Gradius Month!