Love SQ compilation album review

A new album was released a while ago from Square-Enix called "Love SQ" a mixture of various popular songs remixed from Square's top games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, and of course Final Fantasy!  Featuring artists like Pe'z, Muzik!, and Pia-no-jac.  These artists took these old classics and brought them to life!  All cooked together with brass band, synthesizers, and a dash of vocals.  Here's a little bit of my thoughts on each of the songs.

Final Fantasy Main Theme  by Pe'z- This was a fantastic choice of first song.  It started off slow and calm but then a few seconds in it picks up into a full blown jazz band giving it a smooth night club feel.  It's upbeat, powerful, and keeps your foot tappin'.  This is the kind of stuff they should play at fancy hotels and restaurants. Don't you think?

To Far Away Times(Livetune Remix) by Livetune - An Electronica sensation!  It's steady beat and dance party feel will fill your ears with uplifting enthusiasm that continues throughout the entire track.  Any Square fan will get a huge hit of nostalgia while listening to this.

Chrono Trigger  by NOVOISKI- How to describe such an awesome track, where to begin?!  This is probably one of the most impressive remixes I've heard.  It will definitely get you wanting to get back in touch with Chrono and the gang to do what we gamers do best, saving the world.  A very badass track!

Frog's Theme~Fanfare 1(Sexy-Synthesizer Remix) by SEXY-SYNTHESIZER - The Synthesizer on this song is pretty sexy!  A wonderful classic given an extra boost in the lets-get-happy mood.  You can't help but smile when you hear this track.   It stays pretty steady then about 3 minutes in the mood is cranked up and hits the roof.  A pleasure to hear.

Chocobo's Theme by Good Luck Hewia - Not too impressive but a good track none the less.  It's chill beat with slow strumming and bits of piano that gives it a very relaxing feel.  Definitely gives you the warm fuzzy feeling of riding the cute big yellow birds! Kweh! Wark!

Thoughts of the Mana Tree, Far Away - Theme of Mana~Hometown of Domina  by Muzik! - Loved this track! Loved it, loved it, loved it!  I am currently getting into this series (loving it!) and I automatically saw that I adored the music so this was a real treat to listen to.  Muzik! did a fantastic job on creating a great 8-bit sound and chipper beat to this song.

Eternal Wind (Migratory Birds Mix) by DE DE MOUSE - I wasn't the biggest fan of this remix, which was a bummer since I really love the original song of this remix.   FFIII was fun to play and this song definitely brings back many grand memories of going against Cloud of Darkness.  I guess I wasn't a big fan of the singing.  Which was pretty I just wasn't feeling it with this track.

Romancing SaGa (Note Native Remix)Opening Dawn of the Romance~The Conflict~Coup de Grace~The Ending~The Saga by Note Native - Not sure If  I would be one to judge on this remix for I haven't played Romancing SaGa yet.  So with no personal connection I ventured out to listen to the actual OST of the game.  After listening to the originals and giving the remix another go I was, from an outsiders opinion, impressed!  This remix gave it a lighter feel and was a good all around medley! Gives me the motivation to go out and get this game.

Battle at the Big Bridge~Dancing Mad~One-Winged-Angel by Pia-no-jac - My favorite song on this album.  If I ever get the chance to see Pia-no-jac perform live, you can count on me buying tickets asap!  Phenomenal work.  Almost like a mini-FF villian medley if you will.  It starts off strong with Battle at the Big Bridge with a great drum beat in the back ground that continues throughout the song.  It continues with the great battle feel then it slowly goes straight into Dancing Mad.  The ending is handed off to One-Winged-Angel which begins slow and steady but then kicks it into full gear.  A wonderful track! (You'll hear it on the LVN ep 22)

Prelude by no. 9 - An all around classic, the Final Fantasy prelude.  You hear it on almost every Final Fantasy and is one of the few defining attributes of the series.  No. 9 did a beautiful version of it and was absolultely gorgeous to hear how all the flutes, strings, piano, etc blend together to re-create a song that gives off an RPG aura. Great choice for last track.

This album did not disappoint me, as I'm sure it did/will not disappoint you!  Square fanatics will love it, and even some of those are who aren't as hugely into Square might even get a good listen out of it.  It's only $9.90 on iTunes, you should definitely buy it now and support these wonderful artists and all the work they put into mastering game music history.