"Game Over"-Karmageddon

Mr. Xbox Live, Mr. Game Over, Karmageddon. These are names that will be known across the internet and you lovely readers will help with this conquest. I went in downloading knowing of Karmageddon and his skills but this just pushed my expectations to an incredible level. Pride in Nerdcore is fired up on this album with hot tracks like "Doin Me", "Let it Rock", "All Hail the Kings" and "Game Over". Featuring artists Billy the Fridge, Untested Methods, Hairetsu, Ronald Hagen, Deafinition, Dr. Awkward, Pops Ghostly, King Pheenix, Dirty Jenkins and Kabuto the Python, this all equals win.

1.The Story So Far[Intro]
2.Future Sight [Feat.Billy The Fridge]
3.Grew Up A Screw Up [Remix]
4,Doin' Me
5.Error 404 [Remix]
6.9MM [Remix]
7.Amazin' [Remix]
8.Hold My Head Down [Remix Ft.Untested Methods]
9.Let It Rock [Remix Ft. Hairetsu]
10.I Can Transform Ya Verse
11.Like Whoa [Remix Ft.Ronald Hagen]
12.Mr.XBOX LIVE verse
13.LOL WUTCHA SAYS? [Whatcha Say Remix]
14.Talking To Myself [Feat. Deafinition]
15.Some Dissasembly Required
16.Quantum Leaps [Ft. Doc Awkward]
17.For The Swarm [Moby Flower Remix]
18.The Move Meant [Ft.Pops Ghostly]
19.Out Here Grindin Verse
20.All Hail The Kings [Ft.King Pheenix]
22.Game Over[Ft.Dirty Jerkins and Kabuto The Python]

Nerdcore Artists from Geekamigo and Rhymetorrents plus rockin' remixes how can anyone say no? Download this now and get pumped up like you've never been before!