Check out this amazing Advance Wars artwork by artist Joe Sparrow

It's not often I run across some unbelievable fan art for the niche handheld series Advance Wars. Today is unlike those many other days though, as I have recently come across the online portfolio of one Joe Sparrow, and besides the cool name that would fit right into an Advance Wars title, Joe has also created some fantastic artwork of CO Lash of the Black Hole Army.

You can grab the very first Advance Wars on the Virtual Console for Wii U right now by the way!

Take a look at the "First Mario Kart 8 hacks!"

Some awesome proof of concept work by Bean and Chadderz (former Mario Kart Wii modders) in hacking Mario Kart 8 on Wii U. To be fair, I have more research in the area of "Wii U hacking" to read up on before this video makes complete sense to me, but initial chatter is siding with this being legit. So it appears that the path of the Wii U may take a drastic turn in some areas of the gaming community.


It's clear from the work in this video that a 1080p "Mario Kart 8: Black" could be a definite possibility! This simple yet far fetched notion makes me excited beyond belief, almost as much as imagining an HD re-release of Mario Kart Double Dash!! for Wii U.

I for one, am obviously on the optimistic end of the spectrum on where this Wii U exploitation is heading. Although, I am the type of person that had more fun soft-modding my PSP than actually playing games on it. In fact, the only game I've beaten on the PSP was a GBA rom of Summon Knight: Swordcraft Story.

So what do you think about the latest news about hackers finding an exploit in Mario Kart 8? Have you ever played on a hacked game console before?