SquareLove EP - a taste of the future of The World is Square

Be square my heart. 

Tracks both new and old in the Square-Enix pantheon are featured in SquareLove, an EP that is essentially a preview of the fantastic compositions to come when The World Is Square's next full length album drops next year. Until that time, jam to some funky acoustic rearrangements of music from Bravely Default, FFIX, Breath of Fire, and Super Mario RPG.

“SquareLove” is an EP by The World is Square.
A full length featuring these songs and more will be available 2016.
— The World is Square

'The Rose General' by katethegreat19, a moving tribute to Final Fantasy IX

This wonderful OCReMix dropped right around the same time I took my first shot at Final Fantasy IX. Not just on of my favorite FF remixes (in a world inundated with them) but also one of my favorite OCR tracks. Damn fine work.

Unfortunately, this song ends the week on a Melencholy note. For many folks such as myself, I feel that the Final Fantasy series, as well as Square-Enix as a company have diverged largely from what made their classic games so memorable. You can decide for yourself whether that is a good, or necessary move for S-E. 

In more upbeat news, it appears that rumors are circulating already that the FFVII reboot for PS4 is only the beginning of a full PSX FF trilogy series of reboots. That would include Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX. 

Share your memories of Final Fantasy IX with us! Would you love to see FFIX get an HD reboot much like the upcoming remake of FFVII?

Final Fantasy IX week continues with club music style battle theme

This remains one of my favorite battle themes from the entirety of the FFIX series (at least, if Battle on the Big Bridge never existed)

What are some of your favorite battle themes from the Final Fantasy series?

Get Tipsy, Final Fantasy IX turns 15!

To be fair, I haven't played anything past IX, so this game is definitely the end of the era of many years of Squaresoft fandom. Basically from Super Mario RPG to FFIX, Square could do no wrong.

I can't help but imagine the following track, Steiner's Still Tippin' as Zidane and his band of thieves dropping these Mike Jones fronted rhymes on Steiner's theme as a major diss to Steiner and his high falutin' moral code.

Especially savory in this mashup is the line 'Blowing on the endo, GameCube Nintendo' In the context of the mashup, it appears that Zidane is such a thug, that he was even playing a non Sony console. 

Do you still look forward to the latest Final Fantasy games? Do you prefer replaying the classics?