File Freakout

There's another new chiptune netlabel on the block. But it's all good, 'cos there are some awesome artists involved.

File Freakout has recently relaunched with a swish new site, and apparently "The future holds many more music releases and art projects. Be on the lookout for upcoming free mp3 releases, more NES cartridge releases, free ROM releases, vinyl releases, and tape realeases."

There are already two releases available from Jeff Fairlight and Alex Mauer, with more to come from The Animal Style, cheap dinosaurs and No Carrier.

Check it all out at

Theme From Lickwid Sky

Artist Alex Mauer has created a music video to fellow File Freakout label mate Jeff Fairlight's song Liquid Sky. This and more videos will be on File Freakout's promotional VHS which they will be handing out at upcoming shows. For more info on Alex Mauer, Jeff Fairlight, and File Freakout check out