Support: Fangamer's You Are Now EarthBound Kickstarter

Featuring all new Earthbound tribute album by Bad Dudes.

The ever expanding Fangamer is back with an incredibly ambitious kickstarter all about the Earthbound fans of America. For the price of $100,000 Fangamer will be producing a feature length documentary about US EB fans across the country. There is also the requisite tons of one-of-a-kind merchandise that only Fangamer can produce. Reward tiers begin at $16 for digital merchandise to over $8,000 for an all expenses paid trip to Japan with Fangamer.

Check out the kickstarter page for the run down on the insane amount of products that can be nabbed for the proper donations.

Of particular interest to readers of the site, is that part of the Kickstarter is a brand new album by musical collective Bad Dudes. Psychokinetic will be filled with an eclectic series of beloved themes from the Mother / Earthbound series, including "Snowman," and "Eight Melodies."

Listen to a sampling of themes from the upcoming album below. (listen for one of my all time favorite Earthbound themes at the 1:25 mark.)

The album can be collected along with plenty of other goods, such as the Earthboound handbook, documentary, and more starting with the $32 pledge tier.

Be sure to head over to the official You Are Now Earthbound Kickstarter page to learn more, and check out the nearly finalized tracklisting for the Bad Dudes' Psychokinetic album.

REFORMAT THE PLANET chiptune documentary DVD release

After several years, and tons of work, I am finally happy to announce that the folks of 2 Player Productions have finally released the highly anticipated REFORMAT THE PLANET on DVD! Watching as this film slowly took shop, to the production, release on pitchfork, and subsequent screenings at places like SXSW was a heartening thing for many in the chiptune and VG inspired music communities. This is because the folks in 2PP have a true respect and love for chiptunes as fans and friends of the sea of people who make up this 'movement' if you will. That love shines through all the scenes through out the movie, and is an encouraging thing to see. Enough about the movie though, as I will be reviewing it in due time. I just have to say that, the movie is out, and includes not only the film, in an all new director's cut mode, but also bonus interviews, discussions, and audio commentary. Not to mention music videos, chiptune making tutorials, and a brand new RTP 1.5 mini documentary following up the original! Needless to say you should be ordering at least the basic package already.

What's that? Basic package you say? That's right. 2PP has teamed up with the folks at Fangamer (the awesome folks who make all that Earthbound/Mother 3 apparel) and created a whole suite of awesome things to show your love for chiptunes and RTP. Just check it out.

We've got everything here. Posters, pins, stickers, and even more DVDs and CDs as well for assorted price points. So remember to head over to the appropriate page and order a copy and then some. Afterwards definitely stop by the newly revamped and let the folks behind the cameras know what you think.

Also, I should definitely mention that, for those who have not had the chance to see the original film at their screenings or back on pitchfork for that amazing week, you can view the main movie, right now in its entirety, over at Penny Arcade TV.