Hideki konno week ends with a futuristic metal F-Zero medley

Get pumped with music from the long dormant F-Zero series

Armcannon goes to town on this epic rendition of several series themes. F-Zero and F-Zero X will always hold a special place in my heart as far as VGM is concerned. 

Konno is merely listed as 'Supervisor' for the N64 entry of this series, but hey, every hand helps, and I am always guilty of looking for excuses to play music from F-Zero and/or Armcannon.

Here is a related question, with Konno's success with Mario Kart, would you like to see him give a new F-Zero a try? Considering how Mario Kart 8 has gone, I'd gladly shell out cash for a new F-Zero with futuristic characters like Samus and Fox McCloud as DLC.

Share your thoughts and F-Zero memories with us!

Listen to the full F-Zero Original Soundtrack

Are you at work? On the bus? Perhaps planning to read some internet comments. All of these things will be made not just bearable, but awesome once you start listening to the F-Zero soundtrack.

F-Zero (1991) was developed and published by Nintendo. The soundtrack was composed by Yumiko Kanki and Naoto Ishida. 

Thank you X (http://www.youtube.com/davidr64yt) for introducing me to this amazing soundtrack!

Watch the video for F-Zero remix Big Blue by Game & Sound

I chose my cover of Big Blue's theme to be the first video of this channel, in occasion of Capt. Falcon's return in the roster of Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

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Listen to Game & Sound remix Mute City from SNES classic F-Zero

The sounds of futuristic racing action reimagined

"Download my Music in high quality here! https://loudr.fm/release/game-sound-v...

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My arrangement for Mute City's theme, from the F-Zero series. As I probably stated many times before, I love F-Zero. I decided to make a cover of Mute City's theme in occasion of Mario Kart 8's first DLC, which contains a track inspired by the original Mute City tracks. 

The original composers of this theme are Yumiko Kanki and Naoto Ishida."

- Game & Sound

The GM4A Weekly VGM Recap for November 3-9, 2014

Catch up on the last week of video game music news.

Loads of news this past week, and it doesn't seem to be letting up. I'm hard at work hunting down the latest and greatest in video game music. Peruse the site and I'm sure you will find the perfect soundtrack to the incoming DLC for Mario Kart 8. I'm particularly excited about the included F-Zero content in the update, which drops November 12th. 

Needless to mention, I am also enthused by the various implications this game expanding DLC creates. Wii U owners will be receiving new racers, courses, and karts (and Amiibo linked Mii costumes) while Nintendo fans in general get myriad questions as to the future of Nintendo DLC and Amiibo support.

Will you be purchasing the universe expanding DLC for Mario Kart 8? What upcoming content has you most excited to jump back into the race?

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Last Week's Stories

Listen to chip rock ballad F-Zero Racing by Multi-Memory Controller

An F-Zero song about the world of F-Zero with political undertones. This is why I continue to search out VGM high and low. This track fits the race obsessed speed metal and techno world of F-Zero very well, with the synthesized vocals and chiptune rock arrangement. 

The best part of all? Mr Multi-Memory included lyrics! Dear rappers, singers, vocalists of all kinds. If you wrote down your lyrics, you can put them on your bandcamp!

Back to the song. If only this guy had a real band backing him, this would be the most head bangingly ridiculously rocking song ever. At least get some live drums in there.

Listen to chiptune track FUCK YEAH RACE CARS by Glenntai


I never truly enjoyed racing games until F-Zero and the Mode 7 graphics of the SNES made me feel as if the car was actually turning rather than the road curving towards it in some strange isometric nightmare. Despite that, I stil love the golden age arcade sounds of games such as Rally X and Pole Position, not to mention I simply love a good instrumental to race to, thanks to games like the aforementioned F-Zero.