Epic-1 "Good Enuff"


[Update: album available at the Nerdcore Hip Hop Archives] Epic-1 has done it again. As a rising hip-hop artist from EMPulse Records he knows how to bring you to the edge of your seat and be begging for more. Since his hot album "1", Epic-1 knows how to impress his fans and have complete take over. Well be prepared to be conquered once again. His newest release,"Good Enuff", is stronger, hits harder, and doesn't disappoint.

My personal favorites definitely go out to "Nina", "It Feels like", and "Lvl99". "Nina" is a crazy non-stop ride that goes into stories about females that aren't all who you think they are. "It Feels Like" questions oneself and what exactly are you doing in today's world while "Lvl99" uses game references talks about reaching a dead end.

He uses the element of video games but the subjects ride on the serious side. Whether it's about women, world issues, or everyday life, the variety will either get you thinking or laughing in agreement. Songs featuring artists TCP, Shinobi Onibocho, kRhym35t4r0n3, and Entity, you know this something you can't miss. It dabbles in sweet-sour, a definite treat for your ears. You can get it for free at RhymeTorrents right here. "Good Enuff" is so much more than good. It is transcendent.

8 Bit Boys - 8 Bit Diagrams album release

I am absurdly and embarrassingly late on this one. Some time back Entity, TYT, The Ranger, and YTCracker all came together to create The 8 Bit Boys. Upon their formation they created and released the amazing 8 Bit Diagrams. download the free version in the Rhymetorrents thread here, or head to the official site to purchase the full pressed album with a ton more amazing songs.

The entire album is amazing catchy video game oriented rap over classic NES tunes. They cover all the things gamers go through like when playing games make you miss work in Late Gamer. Not to mention talking about playing through the pain of hours of gaming and broken consoles in two of my favorite tracks on the album, 8 Bit Blisters and Faulty Console respectively. Every song on this album is incredibly catchy and will definitely hit home for every hardcore gamer. This album is well worth a purchase. I can assure you it will be in your rotation for a long time to come. Once again head over to 8bitboys.com and grab a copy right now!

Entity & DJ Snyder - Calvin & Hobbes album release

[No Album Art Currently]

Incredible nerdcore beatsmith and rapper DJ Snyder, and Entity have teamed up for the RPM Challenge. They have released an amazing collaborative effort in just one month, entitled Calvin and Hobbes. The album also features many other amazing folks from the world of Nerdcore including Whoremoans, The Ranger, Kabuto, and more! To download the album, you can hit this link and to find out more about the whole album, as well as some excellent fan reactions, hit up the appropriate RhymeTorrents thread.

I've been listening to this album quite a bit since grabbing it myself a few days ago. Definitely worth checking out, and since it's free, you can't even complain about it! As for my personal favorite tracks, I feel Factory and Defenders of the Fate (feat. T.Y.T.) are the way to go, although The Sociopolitics of Internet Machinima is just too catchy to forget. Well all the tracks are interesting and polished though, so definitely give it a go.

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