Attack Slug - Achievement Unlocked album release

Attack Slug has released his second album in rapid succession (the first being the amazing Endsville is Burning). The new album, Achievement Unlocked comes in at ten songs covering important gaming topics like forums, fanboys, the year 200X, and of course, how great Attack Slug is at video games. The album also includes guest rappers such as TYT, The Ranger, and KABUTO. My personal favorite track from the album? Skydiving With Sharks, but hell, they are all awesome tracks.

You can download the album free of charge at

"I got that blip blip, schooling all you dipshits. drop another game, don't I get my motherfucking points?"

Attack Slug - Endsville is Burning album release

New Jersey nerdcore rapper Attack Slug has released his newest effort, entitled Endsville is Burning. You can download the album free from Attack Slug's website. Working with other famed nerdcore artists like T.Y.T. and KABUTO, and rapping over beats from the likes of DJ Snyder and OCRemixer Franz Keller, he makes a distinct and interesting disc. The album is nine tracks long and clocks in at just under half an hour. Definitely worth a listen as Attack Slug has a style all his own. My favorite track? Why Earth Defense Force no doubt! He even has some EDF remixes up from Don Vito, and our pal IllGill, be sure to check out those remixes too!