Listen to Emrls' Rest Theme (Remix) from Final Fantasy VII, 'Jamming Rockets'

New music by Emrls, this time it's a remix of classic music from the oft talked about game Final Fantasy VII. The track is Jamming Rockets, and is a remix of the Rest Theme from the FFVII soundtrack. Still looking forward to that next EmrlsCommunity album as well.

Song Title: Jamming Rockets
Produced by Emrls
Mastered by Dj CUTMAN - @DjCUTMAN

There’s no resting in these Inn’s. Bards, Dancers, even Songstress’ all come out to party when there’s a party to be had! “Inn The Night” is my latest concept album that rearranges Inn themes infamous to the Final Fantasy series.

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Super Smash Bros inspired remix album 'Dairs & Bairs' by Emrls

Super Smash Bros inspired remix album 'Dairs & Bairs' by Emrls

Emrls drops a genre spanning synth tribute to the original twelve fighters from Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64. Ten tracks in tribute to the ten franchises represented in the original SSB. No melee here folks. Although the classic status of the game doesn't stop Emrls from skipping the time stream and remixing music from modern day games such as Yoshi's Woolly World and Mother 3 alongside classic niche OSTs like Kirby's Block Ball.

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