MC Wreckshin - Dubstep is Magic album release

Been a while since I wrote, been even longer since I wrote about nerdcore. Leave it to MC Wreckshin to mold together just the right amount of swag and insanity to bring me back into the fold. Listen to this while rolling hard down the boulevard, or while watching sports montages.

-Hamburgers and hedgehogs, they're both so sonic!

Nameless - Hyperbolic Chamber debut EP release

Los Angeles native emcee and event organizer (and occasional contributor to GM4A compilation efforts) Nameless has released his debut EP, Hyperbolic Chamber for free on the internet, which is available in the "sounds like" section of his myspace at His debut release straddles the fence between straight underground and nerdcore with help from Emperor Pilaf and Illgill as well as sampling tunes like Zelda on the song Empty Heart Containers. Not to mention the clearly nerdy reference in the EP's titling. So give the album a listen, you will surely not be disappointed.