Elijah B. Torn

Elijah B. Torn. Musician, composer, recording artist, “sarge”, and one half of We Are (a) Rook.

(Sarge Shukar Rough album casing.)

(The casing clearly boasts that “9 TRACKS AND ONE ACTION FIGURE” are included)

He recently sent us an advance copy of his Forthcoming CD You Are Lucky I Am Not a Vigilante as well as his other album Shukar Rough (which is available on iTunes). Along with the CD’s he sent this letter which i shall paraphrase.

“ Hey Anthony!

I wanted to thank you for posting about my album and my shows. I really dig the site and keep up the awesomeness!

Keep kicking ass. -Elijah”

We thank him for the support he has given us as well and I am going to listen to the CDs soon, but I’ve been sidetracked because along with the albums he sent some extra army men...

(PS - The army men were able to hold their ground)

Dataage, Megatwerp, ArcadeComa, Entertainment System, Elijah B. Torn, Phlogiston, Sabrepulse, Magfest Magfestroid, Vaunt! Vaunt!

Dataage has a big show coming up in San Francisco, Ca. It will include two rooms full of music as well as art by Nanospore and others.

Megatwerp is hosting a concert at Ground Kontrol in Portland, OR this August 19th.

ArcadeComa has a new song entitled Killing Time. Entertainment System has two new tracks for download. Both live recordings from 8 Bit Genocide, Tetris and Arkanoid. Elijah B. Torn has his album Sarge Shukar Rough for sale on iTunes. Pholigiston also has two new songs up Aim for Justice! and Insert. Sabrepulse has two of his albums, Famicom Connection and the Terra Ep, both available free for download on his site.
More Metroid anniversary news, check out the Magfest Magfestroid shirt which you can pick up at cafepress for $20.

Finally, if your nerd music experience doesn’t start or end with video games, definitely check out VAUNT! VAUNT! This Portland, Oregon based site is all about nerd rock, VGM included.


The Good Nintentions Cosplay Ball is tonight! With bands Entertainment System, Chromelodeon, Temp Sound Solutions, and Geist. This is what ES had to say about the show, “Otakon was great last year, but this year they didn't want band acts at the con. We're throwing a concert on the Friday of the con so all the awesome people that saw us last year can still come out and rock this year. What an amazing line up, opening we have the J-pop power punk of annapolis natives Geist, next our good pal Temp Sound Solution, which will be followed by the non-stop video game rock'n'roll of ES, then as if that was'nt alread ythe most awesome thing you ever heard of CHROMELODEON from Philly is closing with a mind bending explosion of sound and light! this show is taking place only a few blocks from the convention center and it should be one to remember. if you're not from the area and have any questions about the venue and getting there, feel free to message us.”
If you are in or near Vienna, Virginia, tonight Play! A Videogame Symphony is coming to your town at the Wolf Trap Filene Center. For you folks in Chicago, Illinois this Saturday Video Games Live is in your town occupying the Rosemont Theatre.
Artist Elijah B. Torn is playing this Saturday in Baltimore, Maryland, and Sunday night in New York, New York. Check out his site for more info.

Betamod have recently released their newest EP by musician Shaun Knighton. The Ep, entitled Frozen, is three songs long, and is guaranteed to keep you cool from the summer heat. Track list below.

1. Frozen
2. Painting with Grey Matter
3. Recharge

MegaTwerp is also sending some music our way in the form of an album from Elegant Men. This duo consists of musicians Spookmeister C and Spamtron. The album, Elegance, is going for $6 (this is with shipping included). It consists of 12 genre spanning songs and clocks in at near thirty minutes. Track List is as follows.

1. Vincent Price
2. Gary Busey
3. James Brown
4. Charles Bronson
5. Phil Collins
6. John Travolta
7. Moe, Larry, and Curly
8. Christopher Walken
9. Charlton Heston
10. Tim Curry
11. Bruce Campbell
12. Elegant Woman

But that’s not it! “Using samples from Elegance along with other sources, Spamtron has created some remixes and original compositions and even some covers that blend perfectly (in my eyes) together. I tend to chime in every now and then, but it's mostly Spamtron's thing. This one is a lil bit more laid back, but don't let it catch you off guard. I really enjoy this one, and hopefully you all will, too. - Spookmeister C”
Yes, along with the Album Elegance, several chiptune artists have decided to remix several tracks of the album, and decided to call this remix album, Elegant Dudes. This album will come free for those who order the Elegance album. It consists of 12 Tracks and is 23 minutes in length.


The Minibosses are kicking off their small west coast tour today in Phoenix and four more dates through Arizona and California until the 15th. You can check out the dates and stops in our events section or head on over to their site for details.

Firebrand_Boy has his forthcoming single, Orange, being published by Pale Fox Records and coming out this August. It will be available on a limited edition 7” single which can be pre-ordered on his site for 3 £'s (how much that is in America I have no clue). Along with the release of the limited edition single, Firebrand_Boy will be releasing Orange as a digital download. This digital release will include both A and B sides of the record as well as two remixes by JC909 and Sean Kerwin.

Chiptune Artists Elijah B. Torn and David Wilson of The Flight Orchestra have teamed up to create new group, we are (a) rook, head on over to their site and download their first single.
Also 1337 G33k B3at have just recorded a new song, 8Bitch, so head on over to http://media.putfile.com/8BITCH and have a listen.