Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!! by Shane Mesa

Mother 4 Soundtraaaack!! by Shane Mesa

I tried to look into what the deal is with this album. I know there is, or maybe was, a fan project known as Mother 4. Does this album come from that? Maybe? After my search for answers led to a reddit thread, I gave up. Anyway, this is a wonderful addition to the sounds of Shogo Sakai, Keichi Suzuki, and Hip Tanaka. There are a lot of tracks here. 60 tracks, specifically. Both new, inspired, and rearranged tracks in the mood of the Mother series. The perfect soundtrack to dream of the day that Shigesato Itoi makes another video game, and it's not about fishing.

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Listen to Dead Winds (Biggie & Earthbound Mashup) by 2 Mello

Sailing to Scaraba is my second favorite track from the masterpiece that is Earthbound. My number one favorite? Eh, a story for another time. Let's focus on this gritty mashup of the adventurous theme from Earthbound and Notorious B.I.G. laying it down hardcore thanks to the mashup magic of 2 Mello and his album EarthBIG.

The mashup return of 2 Mello: Earthbound X Biggie Smalls album EarthBIG

The mashup return of 2 Mello: Earthbound X Biggie Smalls album EarthBIG

More than any other product, franchise, character, or story, I feel like Earthbound is the most malleable. Many people who play the game have a heartfelt relationship with the old gray cartridge. It's obvious to say that Earthbound has become an incredibly influential piece of work among video game fans. 

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Galactodactyl - Cracked Bats and Mr. Baseball Caps EP

A dreamy tribute to the musical stylings that flow from the SPC-700 soundchip of the Super NES. Galactodactyl (a name I love saying buy hate spelling) pays honor to games like Earthbound and Super Metroid in the 2012 Cracked Bats and Mr. Baseball Caps EP. Rich sounds inspired by classic games.

Shannon Mason pays homage to Earthbound with 'Ninefield'

I Miss You is a tribute to the world and sounds of Earthbound from a variety of artists. This track is by Shannon Mason AKA Pongball and features the same vibrant city sounds of the original Earthbound themes. 

Listen to SUBCON podcast 19, a tribute to NWA and VGM

Ninten With Attitude. 

Forget the game themed specials, this is an N.W.A. themed episode. We got Dre, Eazy, Ice, and Ren over select video game beats in this episode.  The latest video game based lyrics corner meshes together the worlds of Earthbound Beginnings and classic N.W.A. I also talk about my early love for gangsta rap, and my current love for Advance Wars!


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Eight Melodies (16 Melodies), Earthbound/MOTHER - Vocal Cover by Lauren the Flute

Whew! I have wanted to cover this song for so long, but I wanted to do something very special with it. Earthbound is so special to so many people, including many of my very good friends, and I wanted to capture what it is that people love so much about MOTHER and Earthbound. I asked my friends to tell me what the game means to them because I wanted to write lyrics for the Earthbound "Eight Melodies" (since no official lyrics exist in English). Their answers just reinforced for me that I really need to give this game another chance. So soon I will be streaming my first full playthrough of Earthbound! I'm streaming it because I am afraid I might get frustrated or stuck and I am hoping that all the Earthbound fans I know will help me out sometimes.

Please come help me get to know this game you all love so much! I'll be on Twitch:

I hope you don't mind that there's no flute in this one. I thought it didn't need flute ... just the voice and the piano. When I realized that MOTHER's "Eight Melodies" and Earthbound's "Eight Melodies" could fit together so well, I knew I needed to do this! I'm feeling a little better about writing lyrics now that I've done it three times. I kept all of the original MOTHER lyrics from the official vocal album, and then I wrote the Earthbound lyrics myself. I'm not sure if the second half of the Earthbound melody is from the game, but there is a Japanese vocal cover that I love and have listened to a lot, and I borrowed the melody from that. But the actual arrangement here is my own arrangement, with inspiration from other places! (Yes, I did look at the MOTHER 3 "Sixteen Melodies" too, of course.)

Come say hi to me! I love to keep in touch with fans and friends. :)

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Watch this Earthbound / Mother 2 live concert with Keiichi Suzuki & Hip Tanaka


I've been meaning to post this wonderful live concert performed with composers for Mother and Earthbound (Mother 2), Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka. This live performance was my jam for months after it came out.

Together they perform a stripped down collection of live rearrangements of several classic Earthbound themes. Watch the full concert below!

Listen to Pokey Means Business! from the Earthbound OST

Sometimes you just want to listen to some of the incredible music from the SNES cult classic Earthbound. One day, when Nintendo is really in the red, and only one thing can save them from complete bankruptcy, they will translate Mother 3 for the US. 

Boss Battles for the Soul - a collection of SNES 'bonus tracks' by Kyo

Boss-Battles-for-the-Soul -Kyo_vgm-remix-album

The first time I heard this album, I hit play and let it run in the background as I did other tasks. The moment the second track on the album came on, an alternate battle theme from the SNES classic Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, I could only focus on the album. This arrangement would easily fit into Yoko Shimomura's original soundtrack. 

Boss Battles for the Soul is a fantastic title for the album, as each song doesn't simply use the soundfont of SNES classics, Kyo takes the spirit of the music into consideration as he arranges each track. Seven classicSNES games are represented on the album. In all, the album includes Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Earthbound, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past, and the aforementioned Super Mario RPG. I didn't really plan to list every game, but they are all great. 

If you have ever wished a game like Link to the Past could have had just one more boss fight, or if there was just one area of Earthbound you hadn't seen yet, then this album is worth a listen. Sit back, listen, and imagine what could have been.

Grab the seven track album for $5 over on Kyo's bandcamp page.

Listen to Towns I (Hello World) from Cory Johnson's Earthbound tribute album

The world could be falling apart around you, but you just don't care. That's how it feels in this heroic track from Cory Johnson's Earthbound tribute album. This song creates a much needed break in the grim opening of this album, but you can read the review for more about that.

Listen to Mx0 remix of Onett from EarthBound


An odd song, and when we discuss Earthbound, odd is always great. Mx0 drops you right in the midst of the small town of Onett, with the roar of cars and the rush of traffic cascading over the catchy music that seems to hang in the air of this quiet little town.

Listen to the Earthbound cover Sailing to Scaraba WIP by jonwd7

I just can't say no to any Sailing to Scaraba remix I find, even this mysterious, unembeddable WIP version of the theme from over a year ago by the mysterious jonwd7. I couldn't find out much with a quick google search of this one alias, which has music both on Soundcloud and Youtube. 

So just bask in the mysteriousness of this short rendition of my personal favorite son from the entire Mother series. 

Watch EarthBound/Mother 2 - Humoresque of a Little Dog cover video by Game & Sound

Humoresque of a Little Dog, also known as “Buy something, will ya?” or simply as “The Drug Store theme”, is a tune which appears in all three games of the Mother series.

This tune clearly aims to represent the American culture as blatantly as possible, and it successfully manages to do so. In fact, this piece is one of the most recognizable themes in the Mother Series. In EarthBound, “Humoresque of a Little Dog” can be heard throughout drug stores all over the game world.

To further amplify the “american vibe” of this tune I chose to include in my cover two main styles: Ragtime and Country/Folk.

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The enemy of all zombies: A review of Earthbound by Cory Johnson


Disturbing, haunting, plaintive, and even hopeful. Definitely Earthbound. Cory Johnson follows up his monumental Zelda album with something more like an audio event than an album. Johnson channels his inner Orson Welles to create a sonic account of the war against Giygas.

Back when the site had recently gone through another torrid upgrade by my hands, Cory Johnson released a one of a kind tribute to the Legend of Zelda. Since then I have been an immense Cory Johnson fan, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I have never had the opportunity to commit many words to paper about this wonderful musician. Coincidentally, as I have revamped this site once again back in July of last year, I run across a brand new collection of music from Cory Johnson, and it appears he has been grinding and leveling up during GM4A's dormancy, because his latest, a tribute to the fantastic, ultimately niche music of Earthbound, is a SMAAAASH!! Homerun.

The introductory tracks paint an ominous picture using dialogue that would sound at home in any 1950's space opera, the audio equivalent of that memorable opening image from Earthbound. The spoken word portions paint a picture which is steadily reinforced by the musical arrangements in an incredible way I haven't heard since some of Jay Tholen's chiptune classics. The tension builds sharply as the actors weave a tale of the chaos raining down from the skies.

It's not until we are well into "Prophecy of Bee" do we start to approach a world far less antagonizing than earlier. "Towns I (Hello World)" runs with that hope and launches it into an upbeat melody of heavy drums and a whirlwind of instruments lead by some evocative guitar playing. The album takes a turn for the somber and beautiful for much of the meat of the album, but don't let that fool you into a fall sense of safety.

"The Cliff That Time Forgot" lays waste to some of the most truly memorable tracks from Earthbound, the type of songs that seemed to be little more than noise in some instances. The trumpet like warbling of Dungeon Man or the pulsing drill sounds that seemed to have no rhythm at all, seem to be best represented by this song. The mood and style of the song vary wildly until we reach the penultimate track.

Penultimate is a great word in this situation, because nothing conveys the grandiosity of the track "I Am the Evil in Your Heart". An 18 minute build up of dramatic speeches and slowly building music that eventually culminates into a stirring finale.

At least, it would, were it not interrupted by the gestating rumble of something completely not of this world. Perhaps not even of this dimension. The music lurches like a lava stream inching it's way forward until we are plunged back into the depths of chaos that the album began with.

Like all great rock albums, this one ends with a reprise like finale. "Town IV (Because I Love You)" is a heartwarming rearrangement of the theme from the bustling town of Fourside.  No tricks here, despite Giygas' greatest efforts, Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo have overcome evil and are triumphant in their quest.

Now much like the hope for that day that Mother 3 gets an official US release, I long for the day that Cory Johnson graces the world with another grand tribute to another heralded video game series.

You can grab the Earthbound album for free or name your own price via Cory Johnson's bandcamp album page.

Miles V reveals preview for upcoming EarthBound album 'Moonsidian'

Here are 7 of the tracks within the Moonsidian album, which are EarthBound and MOTHER remixes of sorts. This album will be available for free soon. Stay tuned to the game community site http://TwilightTown.SL for news.

A full track from the upcoming twelve track album called "Instinct of the West" can be heard over at EarthBound Central. It appears this album has been in production since 2010, but it appears to be worth the wait.

The GM4A Weekly Recap for October 27 - November 2, 2014

We are now into prime holiday game release territory. I find myself playing the wonderful Costume Quest 2 on the Wii U in my free time. The game is a charming downloadable RPG in the vein of classic games like Super Mario RPG and Earthbound. I highly suggest any RPG fan give it a try.

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