Spirit Climes - a Tales of Xillia inspired electronic album by Emrls Community Music


I love these types of albums, such as Spirit Climes from ECMusic that take inspiration from a game, then flip that into an original album full of tunes inspired by that game. It's almost as if you get a bonus disc of amazing music included with the game. In this instance, said game is Tales of Xillia 1 & 2 from the often overlooked Tales of... series of RPGs. Though I haven't played this particular iteration of the series (I am also doing some o that overlooking, sorry Xillia fans), I feel like I can recognize the style of To... series composer Motoi Sakuraba.

This album opens with a breezy, cool summer evening style atmosphere, a sharp contrast to the burning sunlight hours of August, when this album debuted. As the album continues, tracks such as "Sylph" and "Volt" create a different atmosphere. One filled with a little more adventure and perhaps a few enemy encounters.

Even in this albums most intense or bass thumping moments though, there is always a sense of calm flowing just beneath the surface. I believe it's that undertone that shows the influence of the renowned but slightly obscure music of Motoi Sakuraba through the entire album.

The seven track instrumental album is available for download via the ECMusic bandcamp page.